Wednesday Walk - Winter Weather

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Here is an Illinois winter walk for #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay
The day started out with a nice orange sunrise.
I think all the ice particles in the sky filter the light to this color.
Once the sun got above the clouds everything turned gray and drab.
It got cold enough for the lake to freeze over.
Some brave souls decided to test to see if the ice was frozen enough as they walked across the middle of the lake.
On my way back home I noticed my neighbor dressed up the Halloween crows in a Christmas outfit.
I took another walk in the evening and caught these ducks trying flying around looking for an unfrozen river to land in.
Meanwhile I found another shallow lake/swamp that was fully frozen over.
The ice got nice and smooth in the deeper areas.
Some of the lake plants are visible through the frozen ice.
Here are some interesting tracks on the surface of the ice. I suspect they might be chupacabra tracks...

Happy #wednesdaywalk :-) Stay warm out there...


What amazing scenery (especially when we are so hot), lighting and composure in photography revealing your natural world.

Sunrise and sunset photography always make dramatic scenes especially over water.


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Is it summer over there? The worst of the winter hasn't hit here yet.

Mid-summer here, worst still to come, would willingly trade February here to anywhere cooler, I really don't like the heat or humidity!

Wow, the warmth of the sunrise in contrast with the winter landscape. It's nice that you took another walk in the evening.

Only get a couple minute slice of that nice orange color then its gray for the rest of the day.

Blue skies and sunshine! It's a beautiful winter day! I really liked the birds, both the one in the New Year's costume and the ones high in the sky.

It gets difficult finding the birds out in this weather. Fortunately the Canadian geese never leave here so they are always an option for photos.

Wonderful weather and perfect photography, specially last three was awesome and I love the environment.
Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day!

Thanks, it was worth going out inthe coldto get them.

Very nice walk with lovely photos a d funny bird! LoL

They have way too much fun dressing up those Halloween crows.

An interesting and pleasant walk!

Thanks, I'm sure its way less cold here than over there :-)

very beautiful natural scenery that is still very natural in winter and very amazing....

Winter has a way of drastically changing the way everything looks. Makes things more minimal.