Wednesday Walk - Looking Up Again

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Here's a series of looking up photos for this #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay
First here's a shot looking up in the train station of a loopy looking light.
Here you can see my reflection in the underside of a glass walkway bridge between two buildings.
Here is the exterior of the train station. It is super reflective of the building across the way.
Alleyways always make cool drastic looking up shots. I got this one in the evening as I had to stay late for work today.
Here's another dramatic alleyway shot.
Yet another alleyway shot between two older classic buildings. I would not want to do a fire drill on these fire escapes lol.
Here's a shot between the el train platform and a skyscraper. I got this during my lunch break today.
My new office is right next to the Willis tower, the tallest building in Chicago.
I can barely see the top of the Willis tower outside my new office window.
This is an evening shot looking up in the financial area of Chicago near the stock market.
I got stuck at an intersection on the way to a train station. These tall buildings create a nice cross shape in the sky.
On my way across the bridge I noticed some kayakers on the Chicago river.
Now for a random living wall in my new office building. There are a few cool common use lobbies on different floors of the building I'm in. I have yet to discover them all.


very cool photos

very cool photos

Thanks, it was all I could scrap together at lunch and after work today.

that first photo with the lights is very cool - I'm always amazed how much art goes unnoticed above us

They have more of those lights throughout the building too 20200923_171650.jpg

Nice City Shots!
Have a Great Rest of the Week!

Thanks :-) you too

Thank You!
I had a question...
Those background Kaleidescope images
that You sometimes have on videos...
Could You tell Me where You get the Generator at?
I have (finally) out together some songs, I made one video - it's a half a gig so I want to avoid uploading it at this point if possible.
Thanks a lot and have a Great Friday!

Here's the link to the jwildfire software, it's free and basically uses java all programmed by one guy in Germany somewhere.
What platform will you load the video to?

Thank You So Much!
I am not sure...
I was thinking that YouTube and
embed it in a normal Hive Post,
if You have any suggestions, I'm all ears!
Thanks Again!

Funny 😆😂😆
I married a German and her maiden
name was "Blashke"...

Thats one view i always enjoy ina city lookingup and you got some awesome shots for this post

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thanks, the alleyways make the most dramatic looking shots.

Ohh yes indeed, no bug sky scapers here where i live but when we get to visiting Boston no doubt i will get some new looking up shots

Just stunning. All photos are brilliant and I'm going to join the new Architecture+Design Community to repost them there cause I think that what you have got is some stunning shots which show off the design and architecture features that most people miss!

Awesome work @sketch.and.jam!!! 😀

Except.... that I've lost the cross post button....or do we not have it anymore since the HF???
So I just reblogged it...

It's showing up again in the three dots menu. Hope all the HF bugs are worked out.

Yeah I didn't get it on yours- only 3 choices then, but then Id did a couple of hours later on one of mine.

I will try again.

Thanks, I never knew there was an architecture community on here.

It just started a week or so ago.

But there was one here already...somewhere and I'm sure that I subscribed to it, but ofcourse, I can't find it now....🙄

Whoa... you just got me so dizzy!!!!

Such a good photo from that angle, maybe I could like those tall, tall buildings and all that glass 😉🤭
I enjoyed this walk with you, and my favorite is the living wall🤗It is a miracle of nature 💞
Have a nice day @sketch.and.jam ☀️

I was thinking of sneaking some geckos into that living wall lol.

Haha ... great idea 🤭