Wednesday Walk - Critters by the Lake

in Wednesday Walk2 months ago

Here are a few critters by the lake on my morning #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay
Looks like it has warmed up enough and the turtle hatchlings are out by the lake. They have a forcefield around them if you step just one inch closer they plop in the water so I was lucky to get this shot before it slid off the rock.

The adult turtles all sun themselves on floating planters on the lake. Looks like most are red eared sliders and one is a painted turtle.

The mallards are everywhere chasing down mates.

The Mallard drakes are competing with each other over the female.

The Candian geese are everywhere as always.

Right now there are a dozen baby goslings as well. The parents are getting used to me coming by to take pictures of them.

Here is some nice dandelion salad for the geese.

A random cowbird female in the tree. I thought she was a grossbeak at first but after adjusting the camera raw it turned out to be a cowbird instead.

The tame squirrels are always halfway begging for treats. They pose nicely for the camera.

That's all for this #wednesdaywalk thanks for looking :-)


Manually curated by brumest from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thanks @brumest :-)

What eomnderful shots a delightful walk post

The light was perfect out for my zoom lens.

Ohh yes indeed

So many interesting things to see on your walk @sketch.and.jam!

Thanks for bringing us along!

I even saw a ruddy duck but I'll save that one for feathered friday.

What an enjoyable walk indeed!!!
Okay, I'll check it out on Friday, lol!

I really like looking at the turtles, they look really neat.

Sometimes they get caught in the reeds on the edge and they are easy to catch.

Ha ha ha ha.
Did you catch them ..

I have a few times, but you have to watch out they bite sometimes.

I never caught them.
I often see them in the forest and where there are pools of water.

Turtles are simply touching! And squirrels, unlike ours, are also very intriguing ...

I'll have to go to the swamps and try and get a morning shot of hundreds of turtles sunning on the dead logs.

You are definitely should do it!

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