📷 Wednesday Walk in the Sunny Kuban capital

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Good day to all! My today's walk will be along the main street of our city. There is always something to see here: -) This time I will show you some interesting buildings with a history .

In Krasnodar, fountains are not uncommon, there are a lot of them and they are all so different. This one, for example, is simply transformed in the evenings, as if from fairy tales about Eastern princesses. In it, the water streams are illuminated with all the colors of the rainbow, pleasant music plays and you enjoy these beautiful moments...

Next to it on the facade of the building you will see these unusual frescoes. This is the work of modern artists, which reflects the history of printing, as the Kuban House of books is located very close to this place.

I suggest you watch a small video with a fountain that I made one summer: -)

This mansion, which served as a" canvas" for modern art, once belonged to the Avedov brothers, who founded one of the largest oil mills in Krasnodar. Which employed almost 500 workers and produced more than 2 thousand pounds of butter per day.

This beautiful house with a dome and an open verandah on the roof, even in those years attracted the enthusiastic views of the townspeople. Today, the Central office of MTS is located here.

Each house on Krasnaya street has its own amazing history. Everywhere you look, you will find something interesting and remarkable.

I like to look at the coinage with old architectural views of our city. Such sculptural sketches attract the attention of not only children, but also adults.

If you have time to get hungry during a walk, there are cafes and restaurants, bars and coffee shops with wonderful desserts and delicious drinks waiting for you at every step. And you can Park your "bright horse" right under the Windows of the institution : -)

Each house on Krasnaya street is different from its neighbor, and almost all the mansions are historical monuments. Look at these columns, all sorts of spires, turrets, lanterns.

Autumn is not so hot and you can always walk in the numerous squares and parks of our Sunny Kuban capital...


In the distance, you will also see a monument to the great Empress Catherine II, who every day watches and rejoices in our success and achievements. After all, it was thanks to her that the fertile Kuban lands first began to be developed.

Now the parks are full of cones, autumn foliage, and of course squirrels :-)

I 'll just show them another time.

This walk was initiated by @tattoodjay - #wednesdaywalk thank you very much for this! It doesn't look like autumn yet, it's warm and Sunny! And it is very pleasant to enjoy the walk.

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I wish you luck and have a nice day!

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I drew sunflowers myself.


It cools very cool! But those are old photos right? Or are people ignoring the Covid crisis over there? 🤭

I've photographed some things before. Now there are fewer people, but buildings are not afraid of Covid :-) Thank You for your attention!

Yeah, I got a nice collection of photos, too... but nowadays I haven't taken so many photos because I find them ugly, with everyone hiding in their masks. 😁

How are you dear friend @singa good night
What a charming walk, what strategic places you have chosen to let us know, Excellent shots, congratulations
I really appreciate that you have taught us
have a wonderful night and a happy rest

Thank you very much for your attention! I'm glad you enjoyed my walk :-)