A Mansion & The Silver Dollar Minted The Year It Was Built.

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Wednesdays are so special. It is that day in the week when I can join all of you in @tattoodjay's most famous Wednesday Walk Challenge.

It is also an excellent opportunity to share #mycalifornia for @TheSoCalHive’s Show Us Your California Week 24.

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I promised several people from the Wednesday Walk community (specifically @gems.and.cookies who, apparently, is holding me to that promise!) that I'd show the house of the father of the original owner of a Stately Home which I showed on my last #wednesdaywalk.

The father's home is a mansion built in 1857 and I can't wait to bring you there.

But before I do, I'd like to show what a U.S.Dollar coin looked like during that year.

This U.S. Dollar silver coin was minted the same year the mansion was built. It sold for $3,995 in a March 2017 Auction.

1857 Liberty Seated Silver Dollar

This prooflike beauty displays mottled iridescent overtones of reddish-gold, sandy-silver, and powder blue. Portions of the obverse periphery are softly struck, typical of the issue, but the central devices are sharp and include crisp delineation throughout the eagle's plumage.

The 1857 is among the Philadelphia Mint silver dollars from the mid-to-late 1850s that were used primarily in trade with the East. In essence, these issues were precursors to the trade dollars of 1873 to 1878. Very few of the 94,490 coins struck in 1857 found their way into domestic circulation, explaining the elusiveness of even worn survivors. Mint State examples are rare and seldom offered in the market. A coin like this is for advanced Liberty Seated silver dollar collectors.

Provenance: From the Blue Moon Collection, Part I. PCGS Population: 10; 10 finer through MS-65. PCGS# 6945. NGC ID: 24YW.

Coin photo and information source: Stacks-Bowers Galleries of California and New York.

Come and take a walk with me!

This mansion, situated on two and a half acres of towering trees, historical plantings and lawn, is the former home of a pioneer farmer of the town where I live.

In 1857 he bought this home site and the adjoining 160 acres that eventually became part of the 2,400 acre farming and ranching enterprise.

The oldest portion of this Classical Revival Mansion first documented evidence for its construction is 1857 with additions in the late 1870s and 1890s.

The home was accepted into the National Regster of Historic Places in 1976.

😍 #ilikeitalot!😍

I hope you enjoyed viewing the silver dollar coin and the house featured on this #wednesdaywalk.

Wednesday Walk is a challenge started by @tattoodjay. It is also in collaboration with @elizacheng's Make me Smile challenge.Thank you for taking a walk with me.

This is also my entry to @TheSoCalHive’s Show Us Your California Week 24. Thank you for the opportunity to show you #MyCalifornia.

All photos, gif and videos were taken by me using my iPhone6 unless specified otherwise.

Make it a #WonderfulWednesday!

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Wow! You did it. The looong wait was worth it. That's one big mansion indeed. And the trees! They must have been planted at the same time the mansion was built. They're humongous. I wonder what the inside looks like. I noticed a jar in one of the windows. And an inscription of the initials WB. Definitely not Warren Buffet lol.

I also enjoyed the silver dollar coin. Sold at over $3,500. That's 3,500 percent appreciation in 141 years or a 24 percent annual return on simple interest basis. Wow. No financial institute can beat that. I have a collection of old coins too. This gives me hope though I wouldn't be around to enjoy the returns but maybe my great grandkids he he.

Thanks for sharing this awesome Wednesday Walk.

Yes, I did it! I am glad that you liked this article @gems.and.cookies and happy that you found it (because if you didn't come to view it, I'd for sure be hounding you to come over, LOL😆😂😅! Nope, it does not belong to Warren Buffet, but perhaps the current owners listen to WB's financial advice.. who knows, LOL.
One of my regrets, when I visited your country, was I did not go to the local coin shops to hunt for silver. Do you know that the US Mint, particularly the San Francisco Mint produced all the silver coins of the Philippines? But I do have many of your circulating clad coins as well as some of your paper currency.
This is a 5-COIN UNC SET 1944-45 WORLD WAR II currently available in the secondary market here, 3 are silver coins!

Philippine Mint set1.jpg

Philippine Mint set2.jpg
Have a beautiful day, my friend, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

I would not have missed that for the world. It's not everytime one gets to see history right in their own homes. Awesome.

If the owners follow WB's financial advise, then they'd surely be off crypto currency as WB is not so keen about it.

It's amazing that you would have in your possession old minted Philippine coins. I did mention that I have some collections of old coins too (well actually my wife does, most of them she got from her grandmother) and guess what I discovered? We actually have some of those 5-coin UNC set you showed above with the same year too. Can you believe that? What more, my wife's collection has One Peso coin minted in 1907 and a Fifty Centavo coin minted in 1918. Attaching pictures of these. The peso coin still needs some cleaning, though.






Photo above is part of the coin collection kept in a bottle.

Have a beautiful and safe day too @silversaver888. Hope you enjoyed my wife's collection as well.

Oh WOW!!!! That is impressive! You have so many silver coins there!!! Should I visit your place, we can trade silver!!! Many stackers here do not clean coins. The only "cleaning" I do for my circulated coins that need "cleaning" is only to run them in warm soapy water and pat dry. But for brilliant uncirculated coins, I don't touch them with my bare hands. I use cotton gloves. I also keep them encapsulated, or in the case of the American Silver Eagles that I stack, I just immediately put them inside the tube and not mess with them at all. I have not opened any of my completed tubes of Silver Eagles since last I put the lid on upon completing the tube.

Your wife's grandma knew the value of precious metals, so I bet she had lots of 24K gold jewelry too.

Thank you for sharing your silver coins, @gems.and.cookies. That is really amazing nd a pleasant surprise! 🥰🌺🤙

What a lovely Wednesdaywalk @silversaver888, this historic home is so gracious and really beautiful amongst the shaded trees, gorgeous photos! I just love those wrap around verandahs, always remind me of a bygone era when the pace of life was so much slower and people made time to sit outside and sip on a cup of tea or an ice cold lemonade;) Nicely done post!

Hello, @lizelle, and thank you for stopping by to view this article! Yes, this mansion is grand considering the year it was built. It appears that it took the owners 10 years to fully complete their home to how they want it, and has been maintained by succeeding owners as how it was since then. They started building 163 years ago, before the Civil War.
Thank you for your compliment. I appreciate your kind words, my friend!
Have a lovely day, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Nice house

Isn't it, bestie? There are many beautiful homes in town. My home is in a new nice neighborhood, and but the homes do not have the charm unique to older homes built in the 1800as.
Thank you for stopping by, bestie, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Ms. Saver you were Up Early to Post This One. Fantastic Pictures of this Beautiful Home. Something Tells me You Have some Insiders that Granted you Access for your Close UP Photography. You have Friends in High Places Don't You ?? @silversaver888

I had this post scheduled. I actually had a video, but couldn't be scheduled for future publishing on threespeak (scheduled posts are temporarily disabled), so I removed the video and made this post via @Peakd where you can schedule articles for future date publishing. I think that it is one of the convenient features of using @Peakd.
It is great to be able to have access to the grounds of this stately and historical mansion, @stokjockey!
Have a beautiful evening, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

I Just Knew It, You're an Insider. I am just a Lonely Serf........

Serfdom was the status of many peasants under feudalism, specifically relating to manorialism, and similar systems. It was a condition of debt bondage and indentured servitude, which developed during the Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages in Europe and lasted in some countries until the mid-19th century.

I Just Know in the New Financial System that I Will Be Richly Rewarded By Contributing to Humanity.....Its Going to Be Like Heaven on Earth Ms. Saver
So Many Things are Going to be Revealed......... @silversaver888 and thanks for the TIP about @Peakd for being able to Schedule a Post. I Learned Something NEW Today........

A lot of people have access to this mansion, @stokjockey, LOL! It is not a special thing.
But I love how you have so much knowledge of history. Kudos to you, my friend @stokjockey.
Take care 🥰🌺🤙

WOw what a seriously cool mansion and I must say I love your watermark :)

they sure had style back then didn't thy not just with houses but the coins as well
Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


Hehehe, So I discovered how to add a watermark to photos. There is always something new to learn! Have you heard of Gimp? Sometimes I think the watermark is distracting, but then I'd rather have the watermark than none at all.
I really enjoy participating in #wednesdaywalk, @tattoodjay, and always look forward to it.
Have a terrific week of what is left of the weekday... but know cares, right... you have the luxury of time now! I am so jelly, 😆!

Ohh yes i know of Gimp a very powerful tool and can do so much

Ohh yes for me everyday is a weekend now


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 21 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you, once again, @pixresteemer! I really appreciate this!❤️

Great looking coin and thanks for showing off the beautiful mansion! Good stuff, and makes me want to go for a walk!

I research more about the Mansion after I posted the articles. It is now owned by the County!
With the great weather of our California, it is always conducive to walks, running, and cycling. And the SF Bay will for sure at this time is littered with sailboats (or even the Sacrament River that is close to me at this time will have jet skiers and speed boats), hikers at Mt Tamalpais... we are blessed to live in here. Any place in America is beautiful!
Thanks for stopping by, my friend, @brian.rrr. Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Seriously a beautiful mansion with lots of history and space something and you got some great photos to show this mansion of , i think @dswigle would love but she would have to do a bit of maintenance work and can have all her fruits trees growing there 🙂

Mansions like this are best when you have staff to maintain it, LOL! I have cleaners come to my home every two weeks, but if my house was as huge as this one, I would have live-in help to clean two rooms a day, and will still have professional cleaners come in to do the deep cleaning😆. But who needs a huge house🙄? I am seriously thinking 🤔of moving to a house with fewer rooms and have this one rented out, LOL!
Gosh... my life is simple now, but I want a simpler lifestyle. Perhaps when I retire🤔.
Have a great weekend, my friend @bigsambucca, and take care 🥰🌺🤙.

As you say i love big homes myself especially mansions but i have better things to do with my money and life i only need a bed to sleep in i would rather travel and have fun life is to short...lol 🙂

Have a great weekend @silversaver 🙂 👍

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If I lived in this house what outfit would I wear? Maybe Southern Belle style? I'd need a big skirt with hoops and long curly locks. Just imagining and living the era.
Lol, "Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a HOOP!"

Always, with Love 🤗 🌺 💕

The toning on your coin is very pretty! It's interesting how that can be so different from coin to coin, but that makes it all interesting!

The mansion looks very stately and nice. Peaceful on the outside.

Thanks for sharing sis, and have a lovely night!🤗💕😘🌸

This mansion just speaks of quality @silversaver888!!! Take the photo of the curved cantilevered second floor outside deck. I would love to know more about the person that designed this historic home!!!
A 1857 Seated Liberty proof like....so very nice, but out of my stacking budget ....
Have a good evening my friend!!!😍😍😀

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