Shoes on the beach

in Wednesday Walk10 days ago

This is my post for #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay

As I walked on the beach I kept seeing shoes so I started taking pictures of them and wondering what their story was.

I image this one belonged to an elderly woman who stopped to take in the beauty of the ocean and a wave knocked her off of her feet, losing one shoe.

This is a child's shoe, a little girl, she was playing in the surf and one foot got stuck in the sand pulling her shoe off.

This shoe belonged to a man, not a good shoe for the beach, which he found out after trying to run in them and the strap broke sending him end over end filling his body with beach sand.


This shoe came from one of the islands far away it has been drifting for many months before being washed ashore here on my beach.

Everyone knows that you can not wear flip flops in the ocean, that is everyone except the person who tried to wear this one.


Ha ha! I love those mini-stories! I always wonder about stray shoes I see along the roadway. Usually only one.

I thought I was the only one who wondered about lost shoes. I am glad for the company. lol