Things That Made Me Smile On My Wednesday Walk

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Hello #Hivers & #StreetPhotographyLovers!

I hope you're all having a lovely week.

Here are some street photos taken on my walk around my village, Moalboal in The Philippines.
We smile for different reasons, and these images all evoked a different emotion. This led me to analyze and pinpoint the "the type of smile" prompted by each encounter, which I've added the relevant emoji to.

"Handsfree Smoker With Mask On Chin " 😟🤧

Face with Raised Eyebrow 😟


"The Texting Pillion" 😟🤧

texting 1.jpg

"Ay Caramba" 😱

Astonished 😱


"To The Rescue" 😇


"Cute and Petite Teenager" 😁

Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes 😁


"Smile Orange Tricycle" 😁


"Hurrying to Wait" 😏

Smirking Face 😏



#PhilPost - My mate Phil (who didn't see me), carrying a parcel from Phil Post 😁

Grinning face with smiling eyes 😁


Animals 🤗

Smiling Face 🙂


Pensive Face 😞



Face with tongue 😛

dog 2.jpg

Expressionless Face😐


Weary Face 😩


Greenery and Abundant Nature #NatureLover🌴😂

Face With tears Of Joy, as it gives me promise of happiness😂

_B130597 3.jpg


_B130541_nature tricycle.jpg






Great balancing Act 🤗

Smiley Face 🤗


Zany Face

Quirky 🤒


Masks & Helmet Motorist 😶

"Face Without Mouth" 😶


Unique House 🙃


People Standing At Their Gates To Greet

Woman Bowing Being Respectful and Greeting 🙅‍♂🙋

_B130396_boy at gate.jpg

_B130658_Man at gate.jpg

Friendly and welcoming people 👋 😎

Smiling Face with Hearts 👋😍



Thanks for viewing my photo essay. I hope you liked it.

Special thanks to @tattoodjay for your initiation of #WednesdayWalk and #MakeMeSmile

Please let me know if the photos evoked different emotions in you:)

All photos taken with my Olympus OMD 10 MII
Location: Moalboal Cebu Philippines
November 2020


Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much @qurator 😊
I appreciate this so much :)

You're very welcome :)

That kind of reactions is without a doubt, Filipinos. lol, Good shot though and ideas of the people, the activities and the nature you captured. Just like me, I love street photography because of a lot of stories from the faces and happenings in the street.

Thank you very much!
Yes, I think capturing these reactions are priceless and most genuine:)

What a remarkably beautiful photo journey. I just love it, all of it.

The texting pillion? Are you kidding me? Where is the adrenaline rush from the motorcycle? When I get ho hum about my motorcycle it's time to quit riding.

Face with a tongue. Looks like Sam except Sam's ears don't stick out, they hang straight down in hound fashion. But the tongue...

Thank you, it's a marvelous #WednesdayWalk.

Hey @bigtom
Thanks a lot😊. Very nice compliments.

It's unbelievable to see people so relaxed on their motorbikes. They have strict laws now in the Philippines because some "really skilled" drivers also like to text while riding. So scary!!!

Love it @millycf1976.
So many great shots there and such a gorgeous, lush, green place to walk in too.

I can't wait to get there!

Love the action (and not so action) shots there, but I think my favourites are the animals orcourse, esepcially the goat and all of the people smiling and waving. Do you know them?

How did you get them to wave and smile at you or was it just a natural reaction from them as you held up the camera?

Hi @chcolatescorpi
Thank you very much😊
Yes indeed, it's very lush, beautiful and very calming to walk these streets. I'm sure you'd love it if you visited.
I only do candid shots. I snap the pictures before they even notice the camera, otherwise I'll get posed shots which I cannot use for my street photography:)
Filipinos are friendly and love to interact with others, so people are are smiling and saying hello when they see me anyway. It reminds me so much of me being back home in Jamaica. If you pass people 10 times for the day, you get 10 big hellos...takes some getting used to😂
Thanks again and have a great day!!!

Oh it sounds so perfect and perfect for me too- everything about it!
I can't wait! 😃

Hello friend @ millycf1976 good day
What beautiful photographs you show us on this occasion, you have brightened our morning with so many funny images. I really appreciate that you share
i love this hike.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid day

Hello @jlufer
Thank you very much for your kind compliments😊
I really enjoy street photography, because they will always be nice memories to look back at. Also it's a good way to give others a true image of places. It brightens me to know that my photos brightened your morning.

Wishing you a beautiful day!💐