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Good day, Hivers, I’m back after several weeks without posting from this wonderful community #WednesdayWalk and some other communities like market Friday and feathered friends, this is because these past few weeks I was so busy with school activities, hopefully, I could have more free time during the first week of November.


Honestly, I’m already tired of having a lot of things to do and accomplish, and I think I really need to have a walk once in a while if I can’t do it every day.


So I’m glad I had the chance to have an exercise today although I used to spend time for exercise almost every day for about 15 minutes to one hour but not just for walking but started to explore places biking 🚴‍♀️.


But because I still can’t bear biking going up on a hill I still have to walk so my exercise is a combination of biking and walking.


I also find the need to really do exercise because the result of my laboratory test showed that I have high cholesterol which I am used to I mean it’s been high for several months now.

But this time my sgpt and blood sugar are also high although just in the borderline so the doctor said it can be cured with regular exercise and proper diet.


So this is the reason why I need to go back to walking or continue biking on a daily basis, otherwise, I would suffer the consequences.


This morning I went out with my son, we used to go out and walk together with my wife and the youngest son, but they’re not available so it was a one on one walk😁.


Although when I go out with my bike it would always be with my son alone because we only have two bikes in the house.


I do enjoy the time spent aside from I really sweat 😓 a lot and I think it’s good for me and my health.


I also love the view outside, I see green surroundings as it rains almost every day, my eyes had a break from being occupied with being overused in front of a computer or mobile phones.


At least for a few minutes to an hour, I get to relax and keep my eyes away from gadgets.

It’s my intent also why I encouraged my kids to go out with me so they would be able to get away from playing online.


Perhaps next week I would share together with my Wednesday walk our biking escapades. For its already the new activity that I engage in and not the usual simple walk a few weeks ago.


So here’s all for my #WednesdayWalk for this week. I thank God for the chance and I’m hoping I could sustain and make daily exercise a normal routine so I could get rid of diseases.


Sharing some photos I captured with green flowers/plants, it’s really soothing to the eyes.

Keep safe everyone and God bless!


All photos are mine.

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how are you dear friend @ long888 good night
It's good that you were able to go out to do this activity and take these beautiful images, I really appreciate that you showed them to us
have a wonderful night and a happy rest

I’m okay how about you, thanks for visiting my post, keep safe and God bless!

Hey there @long888, thanks for sharing such an interesting walks with us and so glad that you are back to use this community to improve your health and wellbeing.

I have a feeling that the cholesterol and BSL is going to be really high for most humans over the world from the lockdowns. I know mine is- even though I am exercising and eating really health food (except for the chocolate biscuits and icecream..🙄)

So keep on it cause diabetes is a horrible illness as much as heart disease is.

Good luck to you and I hope to see you next Wednesday if not before!

Yes it is likely to happen since people are encouraged to just stay home.

I agree diabetes is a horrible disease that is why I will do my best to keep it at the borderline if not to lower it to normal.

Keep safe my friend and God bless!

Well good luck to you and I'm sure with such a positive and determined attitude like that you will beat it!

Thank you! Keep safe!

I always try!