Wednesday walk: Going underground

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I couldn’t see something like this existing in a lot of british cities, too many vandals who care nothing for the heritage and the beauty, of these places; or am I being cynical?

All snaps by me. Narrative sources as appropriate

I am in the beautiful city of Moscow, so much to see in such a short time. This upload concludes my Short stay in the capital. I hope you enjoy.



Ok, so I walked and I rode!
I saw little riding
I saw so much walking.
Hope this counts as a wednesday walkabout


Kievskaya Station,

if my memory serves me well, (apologies to my Russian friends if I have got confused). Such wonderful art work.

Kievskaya features low, square pylons faced with white marble and surmounted by large mosaics by A.V. Myzin celebrating Russo-Ukrainian unity. Both the mosaics and the arches between the pylons are edged with elaborate gold-colored trim.






Novoslobodskaya Station

It is best known for its 32 stained glass panels, which are the work of Latvian artists E. Veylandan, E. Krests, and M. Ryskin. Each panel, surrounded by an elaborate brass border, is set into one of the station's pylons and illuminated from within.





Ploshchad Revolyutsii

The station contains 76 statues in the socialist realism style. Each arch is flanked by a pair of bronze sculptures by Matvey Manizer depicting the people of the Soviet Union, including soldiers, farmers, athletes, writers, aviators, industrial workers, and schoolchildren.

Several of the sculptures are widely believed to bring good luck to those who rub them. The practice is targeted at specific areas on individual sculptures, including the soldier's pistol, the patrolman's dog.









There are many more interesting stations on the Metro, maybe one day I shall visit some of them.
But for now it’s time to get off shank’s pony and ride the railroad.

Thank you




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My other half went to Moscow about 40 years ago. I wonder if the metro has changed much. I've been to Kiev and their system was pretty antiquated. It does help if you learn some of the Cyrillic characters so you can work out the place names.


Yes it would help! @steevc , I ride Kiev underground a couple of years ago, visited the deepest underground station in the world, shit those escalators were a sharp incline

I didn't ride it much when I was there. I was on a work trip and someone would come and pick me up to take me to the office. I was there in 2010 and 2013. Things changed a bit in that time, but it was before the big demonstrations.

Actually I just remembered that the locals prefer the Kyiv spelling rather than Kiev which is more Russian and obviously they are not friends.

Ukraine is definitely a cauldron of geopolitics



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Such amazing art work and such an interesting post

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you, @tattoodjay , glad it was appreciated, nice community to be part of