Wednesday Walk to see the StarDisc

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​We had a short walk to see the StarDisc which is a 21st century, 40ft black granite stone circle with the constellations carved into it. There are also 12 stone seats that represent the months of the year. It was created by Aidan Shingler.

There was also a toposcope indicating the direction, distance and places of interest that can be seen from where we were standing.

The circle is inscribed with the constellations, their names, and a representation of the Milky Way. You just can't get away from Corona!

There was a viewing platform and after dark, the star chart is lit up by low level solar lighting powered by the sun.

Some nice views from the top. It must be lovely to do a bit of star gazing during the summer months.

#wednesdaywalk initiated by @tattoodjay.

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie S. All rights reserved.


Interesting platform to visit, must be lovely to see at night too.

I think because we can't go too far, we are finding things on our own doorstep. 🙂

Everything that moves is noticed once we prisoners of our own gardens, yes I think the birds are even fed up with being photographed. Have a wonderful week!

Wow, that look really interesting and it looks like there a lovely little village in the background too!

Nice walk @ellenripley 😀

Yes it is a lovely, rural area but very cold at the top. Roll on summer!

Yeah, I feel sorry for the rest of the world when it comes to winter...We get snow, but not like the rest of the world...

 2 months ago 

What a fun thing this would be to visit, especially after dark to see the star chat lit! I had never heard of this wonderful little place, so I am glad you shared the pics and the story! Fabulous #wednesdaywalk 😃

I only live 30 minutes away and it's the first time I've been.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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