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The following photograph was taken early this morning ...

IMG_5986 malo.jpg

... in the port of the village called Liznjan, about 5 kilometers from where I live ...

IMG_4832 samo malo.jpg

... I was standing on this elegant, vibrating watchtower, enjoying the cold wind and salty air. I wasn't there very long ... just the time to take a few shots and walk a little walk around the bay that I like very much.

IMG_4878 malo.jpg

Then I sat in my car ...

IMG_4882 samo MALO.jpg
... and drove away ...

IMG_4851 malo.jpg

... back to my hometown.

IMG_4855 malo.jpg

When it comes to windy weather, this is a considerably more sheltered place, and the sea in the shallow bay was almost calm.

IMG_5987 malo.jpg

Here I continued my Wednesday walk ... I was sniffing around the port in search of cool stuff to put on photographs.


This is the old windmill, built in 1878 by two merchants of salted fish from the larger town Rovinj, situated about 40 kilometers north along the coastline. It was used to grind the grain from the fields and villages in the area until 1902. Now it's an iconic postcard building. Its interior and mechanism were thoroughly restored a few years ago.

IMG_5991 malo.jpg

I passed by closed summer stands ... seasonal fast food and t shirt places ...

IMG_5999 malo.jpg

... by the small amusement park ... with entertainment for small children, mostly ...

IMG_6000 samo MALO.jpg

... I saw many flowers there ...

IMG_5995 malo.jpg

... quite a few types of flowers ...


... these night flowers are actually lamps ... that illuminate the small colorful cars, the leaf shaped boats and caterpillar trains in the warm summer nights.

IMG_5992 malo.jpg

The park was closed, of course ...

IMG_5996 samo MALO.jpg

... and the old horse was frozen till the next season.


I saw some active horses a bit later on my way home. There is a farm not far from my house, I took this shot there ...

IMG_6213 malo.jpg

... and not far from the farm, there is a pond, that already appeared in many posts here on HIVE ... there I shot this elegant Great egret.

IMG_4863 malo.jpg

Soon I passed through the old center and arrived home ... to transfer the photographs into the PC and write this post.

As always in these walks on HIVE the photographs are my work ... but, the following bonus shot ...

IMG_4858 samo MALO.jpg

... was taken by a friend, back in the port of Liznjan. That's me enjoying one of my favorite outdoors activities ... the semi - professional pine cone kicking :D the only sport that I'm practicing nowadays.


Thank you for the tour. Where are all the people? Is it COVID depopulated, or just off season?

I liked especially the windmill. Reminded me of a watermill I've read about in my 'hometown'. Not really my hometown, because I haven't been there in 60 year. I was a child when I lived there. Anyway, the Gomez Mill House is the oldest known surviving Jewish dwelling in North America (1714). I think the mill is quite beautiful. Apparently the original owner had to buy dispensation from the British Crown in order to own property avoid swearing allegiance to the Church of England.
Here's a picture:

Gomez Mill_House_Wheel  Alexisrael 3.0.JPG
Image credit AlexisIsrael. CC 3.0 license
(Forgot to credit the picture!)

If I ever visit my 'hometown' again, I will surely place the Mill House on my itinerary.

BTW, looks like you've got the pine kick down pat :)

The watermill looks fantastic ... and the way in which it fits into the scenery, the surrounding nature is even more beautiful ... I found via Google where exactly this is. :) And where in America are you now, I was wondering where exactly that torch came from.

It's the off season phenomenon ... it's always like that in winter ... only on Sunday, if the weather is nice, people from the city come from a walk, and it's a bit more populated for the afternoon.

I live on Long Island, New York. Not that far, but somehow I always avoid going back. Some crazy, irrational resistance. Left very suddenly when I was a child and always have felt a nostalgia for the place. This year, I think if COVID doesn't get me :)) I'll go back with my kids and share that legacy with them.


वाह क्या अदभुत नज़ारा है 🤩🤩बहुत सुन्दर छविया👌👌👌

धन्यवाद :)

Hi @borjan , you share beautiful places with us, thank you for this, I love the photography of the horses, also the elegant great egret. well I like several.
A hug

Thanks :)

Points Boosting refund to @borjan! 🤓
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