Wednesday Walk - THE MORNING SMILE

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Earlier today, on my ordinary walk to the supermarket at the edge of town ...

IMG_5774 samo MALO.jpg

... I was greeted by this smiling face ...

IMG_5771 malo.jpg

... very soon after I left the house, just about a hundred meters from where I live ...

IMG_5772 malo.jpg

... by the small tobacco shop ... the only shop still open in my neighborhood ... all the others, like the small grocery stores and souvenirs shops closed their doors for good some decades ago when supermarkets arrived, and the center of the activities shifted from the old town, down to the port, the beach and the edge of town, along the main road that leads to the city.

IMG_5773 samo malo.jpg

Since last week this shop has something new to offer its clients. Hot beverages from a brand-new coffee machine :) ... so now you can see these smiling cups on walls, stairs and locked private trash cans, early in the morning.


The tobacco shop is just a few steps from the small square ...

IMG_5776 malo.jpg

... the center of the old town.

IMG_5803 malo.jpg

There is a beautiful old tree on that square ... it's a Mediterranean hackberry tree (Celtis australis), planted in 1895.


Christmas decorations look like enormous winter cherries ...

IMG_5800 malo.jpg

... a nice, surreal touch that adds a bit of color and cheerfulness to the gray scenery.

IMG_5775 malo.jpg

I passed the square ...

IMG_5777 malo.jpg

... and a car passed me by while taking these shots ...

IMG_5783 malo.jpg

... then I continued along the street that leads out of the old town.

IMG_5792 malo.jpg

On the way back ...


... I was approaching the center from the port ...


... through some small side streets.


These quince fruits ...

IMG_5787 malo.jpg

... fell on the garage rooftop underneath the tree ... it looked like a cool detail, so I took these two shots ...

IMG_5798 malo.jpg

... and continued towards the square ...

IMG_5793 malo.jpg

... I passed by this mailbox ...

IMG_5794 malo.jpg

... with some advertising material about the supermarket I visited half an hour earlier ...

IMG_5795 malo.jpg

... I took another generic shot with some houses along the way ...

IMG_5796 malo.jpg

... and one more specific shot with this old, faded piece of plastic ... sign for a long closed restaurant.

IMG_5799 malo.jpg

I walked across the square again ...

IMG_5806 malo.jpg

... approached the same tobacco shop ...

IMG_5805 malo.jpg

... I saw some cardboard boxes on the blue trash can, where the smiling cup stood earlier ...


... but the cup on the wall ...


... behind the bench with a nice view on that neighborhood ...

IMG_5808 malo.jpg

... was still there ... smiling to everyone ... for free.

IMG_5769 malo.jpg

This is a cool old homestead across the street from my house ...

IMG_5770 malo.jpg

... just a few steps, and I was back home ... ready to write this post - THE END.

As always in these walks on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


@tipu curate :)

Very quiet town! Someone put a sleeping spell on this place! No one is walking around! Only smiling cups here and there! The visiting aliens liked this coffee machine!! 😂😂

Hello @borjan , in my daily exercises I also received smiles from some cookies, and here I put the smiles, I was struck by seeing this, we do similar work, very curious

Happy day



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Wow, what a cool and mysterious old town there. How old is the town do you know?
How old is the homestead?

LOVE the Smiling cup and perfect for @elizacheng #makemesmile initiative too! 😀

Looks so cool and haunted...

I want to go!
when can I come??? 😃

:) Early summer (June and first weeks of July) or end of summer & early autumn (September and October) are the best periods for a visit, in my opinion.

The town by its current name - Medulin, was first mentioned in writings in 1150 and was already situated where the current old town is ... but much earlier, about half kilometer further, where is now the port, Hotels and some new apartment buildings, was the village called Mutila and a separated Roman luxury villa with auxiliary buildings that functioned like a little town. Then there are some prehistoric findings in the same coastal area ... there was always some action around this place :)

I don't know how old is that homestead.

Wow! Brilliant thank you!
I'm just duckduckgoing it

I love historical places and great to know when to visit- after the pandemic is over too!

Got any recommendations for films/doco's/tv series set in the area- any period pieces? I LOVE my world movies...

I know small production documentary stuff I saw on TV here, but I don't know if there is something translated in English. I don't know about any movie set in this area. :) Movie production in Croatia is pretty small, and this peninsula never got an entire movie, maybe just appeared here and there ... maybe ... as far as I know.