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There is about 1 kilometer ... give or take a few hundred meters ... from my house to the largest and most equipped supermarket in town ...

IMG_7424 malo.jpg

... and is interesting ... even fascinating :D maybe ...

IMG_3805 malo.jpg

... how many cool details I encounter along that way ...

IMG_6546 samo MALO.jpg

... on an almost daily basis.

IMG_6547 malo.jpg

This gate looks a bit like a stylized butterfly resting on the stylized grass ... with gray wings and spiral antennae ... it's slightly hypnotic as well.

IMG_7429 malo.jpg

I photographed this Wall lizard (Podarcis muralis) on some wall not far from there.

IMG_7427 malo.jpg

The lizard was running back and forth along the wall, assuming this pose from time to time. This time he stopped underneath a piece of fence above the wall ... so on this shot, it looks a bit like the lizard has a microphone or something similar above his head.

IMG_8372 malo.jpg

I saw a man working ...


... dragging something through the window ...

IMG_8374 malo.jpg

... into the church on the top of the hill ... the largest church in town.

IMG_3786 malo.jpg

A bit further I found a line art representation of that church. It looked like a local patriotic version of an electrocardiogram graph ...

IMG_3787 malo.jpg

... recorded on the company car of the local radio station.

IMG_3784 malo.jpg

The car was parked on the little square in the center of the old town.

IMG_7892 malo.jpg

People were waiting in line in front of the post office across the square ...

IMG_7891 malo.jpg

... with the obligatory masks on the face... or somewhere at hand.

IMG_1601 malo.jpg

There is a pastry shop here on the square ... the oldest one in town ... I don't know when exactly was opened, but this sweet place is here since I remember my existence ... so, from 77' ... 78' at least. While passing by, I heard an old friend calling me ... old in the sense that we know each other for long time ... and in the sense that his age is 93, although he looks considerably younger.

IMG_1603 malo.jpg

It was a long talk, I mean he did the talking and remembering, and I was mostly listening ... it was an epic, meandering lesson in local and personal history ... with childhood details of World War 2, a political thriller segment in the first decades of the new communist state, his exile in France, surreally different urban life in Paris ... then the return, in the eighties ... and more ...


The swallow was observing the scene from above ... high on the wire ...

IMG_7425 malo.jpg

... and the lizard from an old wall around the terrace.

IMG_3810 malo.jpg

At one point the bird flew away ...

IMG_3802 malo.jpg

... and I continued my epic journey to the grocery store.

IMG_3790 malo.jpg

I was surrounded by gardens and houses ...

IMG_3793 malo.jpg

... with interesting plants and arrangements.

IMG_3791 malo.jpg

Here you can see an old wagon wheel buried in the juicy growth of Delosperma cooperi plant.

IMG_3803 malo.jpg

These succulents grew unusually high ...


... in the isolated little garden above the surrounding shrubs and trees.

IMG_6548 malo.jpg

Here is a new advert ...

IMG_3794 malo.jpg

... on the old house not far from the main square.

IMG_6552 malo.jpg

I passed by some abandoned house ...

IMG_6550 malo.jpg

... invaded by various self seeding plants ...

IMG_6553 malo.jpg

... and took a few shots along the way.

IMG_6549 malo.jpg

This is the view from the upper terrace of that house.

IMG_6559 malo.jpg

I continued straight to the supermarket ... but then ...

IMG_6566 malo.jpg

... I decided to take the long way, so I turned to the sea.

IMG_6561 malo.jpg

The seagulls on the rooftop ...

IMG_6563 malo.jpg

... looked like they are not so sure about this decision.

IMG_3797 malo.jpg

There was a house in construction along the way ...


... and a small traditional boat was sailing through its empty white interior ... the scene was lovely and slightly surreal.

IMG_5724 malo.jpg

I passed by the glittery advert for the place called GLAM ... which is a Beauty bar ... whatever that means ...

IMG_4232 malo.jpg

... then ... some hundreds of meters further ...

IMG_4234 malo.jpg

... I saw a lovely couple ... Jet - ski and a bird ... floating in the bay.

IMG_6582 malo.jpg

I saw also this strange traffic sign ... that encourages female parents to hold their children by the hand ... exactly there from some reason ... and there is nothing special in this place ... no big traffic, no school ... just some Hotels and restaurants.

IMG_6574 malo.jpg

Here I changed my direction again ...

IMG_6570 malo.jpg

... and I was headed back to the old town.

IMG_7895 malo.jpg

I took a few more shots in the narrow streets around the main square ...

IMG_6577 malo.jpg

... and found more lizards ...

IMG_6578 malo.jpg

... on the old walls.

IMG_3792 malo.jpg

Here I was back at the "butterfly gate" you saw near the beginning of the post ... and I took a shot with different composition ... and overall atmosphere.

IMG_6576 malo.jpg

I saw a lovely red beer can on some stairs not far from there.

IMG_8370 samoMALO.jpg

I saw a lovely Wasp spider ...


... on the white facade of that house ...

IMG_6571 malo.jpg

... and some more lizards ...

IMG_6572 malo.jpg

... of course.

IMG_6573 malo.jpg

At this point I seriously decided to stop this rambling and continue straight to the store ...

IMG_6575 malo.jpg

... so, I passed by this monument ... to the partisans in WW2 ...

IMG_6580 malo.jpg

... and here I did a short stop ...

IMG_6579 malo.jpg

... to take a few shots ...

IMG_6581 malo.jpg

... of this lovely small flower.

IMG_7388 malo.jpg

When I finally reached the supermarket ... I didn't enter immediately ...

IMG_7398 malo.jpg

... because I got distracted ...

IMG_7384 malo.jpg

... by the colorful decorative vegetation scattered around the parking lot. This is some kind of hibiscus ...

IMG_7382 malo.jpg

... and this is a short look at some flowers mounted on the streetlamp pole.

IMG_7396 malo.jpg

The prickly pears grow in the desert like area covered with pebbles, between the parking lot and the main road that leads to the city ...

IMG_7389 malo.jpg

... and wasps built their home on this prickly green island.


I had a lot of fun here ...

IMG_7395 malo.jpg

... and I felt very inspired by this cactus.

IMG_7400 malo.jpg

I found another wasp nest ...

IMG_7404 malo.jpg

... a slightly smaller one ...

IMG_7406 malo.jpg

... and a snail ... near some artificial object.

IMG_7413 malo.jpg

I found some cool patterns as well. There is a small red droplet in the lower right sector of the photograph.

IMG_7412 malo.jpg

Here you can take a better look at that droplet ... and on the following shot ...

IMG_7414 malo.jpg

... the droplet is very close to the eyes of the beholder.


Here you can enjoy another generic portrait of the Prickly pear.

IMG_7410 malo.jpg

The hemipteran insect on this photograph is the Corizus hyoscyami bug ...


... and here - this post must end. I entered the store ... did my shopping ... I saw more cool stuff on my way back ... but that's another story ... THE END.

As always in these walks on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


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@tipu curate :)


This is a very nice walk to the store! The old town is very interesting to observe. You found so many different lizards along the way!

That boat is sailing inside a new house! The pink bird in the sea makes the whole thing so surreal!

Absolutely! That old buddy of yours looks very young, I can't belive he is 93 now 😀.. May god bless his health.

The bird shot (about to take off) is amazing, very much loved it!

Many great shots that I enjoyed. Very hard to pick the favorite among them 😁

It's a pleasant walk with you @borjan :))

Thanks :)

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