Wednesday Walk: City Centre and The Fort

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We had to go out.

Ever since the Corona happened you would be able to count on one hand the number of times my children have been able to go out of the house. We are having some issues with our air conditioning at home at A/C is something we cannot live without. Nope. Not in this part of the world.

To be fair, the weather is getting better by the day and it should really be manageable if it were only me. The thing is, we have to keep the windows open and that just lets the nasty flies come inside. And flies are not my kids' best friend! Neither mine. Haha.

My youngest would not eat. "But Mommy, there are flies!", he said. I told him to just not bother. I already turned the fan on and that should shoo the flies away. "No, the flies poop on our food!", he insisted. I could not get him to eat even if I assured him that the flies did not touch his food.


As soon as I said we'd just get out of the house, they kept on nagging me, did not even bother to let me finish my breakfast.

Okay then! Off we go.

"We're going to the museum!"...

I know, lame. Haha. Since we cannot homeschool, let this just be our field trip.

Whoops, we've got a problem! As we were about to go, my daughter could not find any shoes that fit her anymore. Her feet have gotten bigger over the months and now... hayyyy.

Quick Side Trip

Before going to the Qasr Al Hosn, we made a quick side trip to the City Centre to buy a pair of sandals for the Little Miss.

The golden building you see in the photograph below is actually a hospital. A few more blocks down this road and we should reach the Corniche, but nope, we're not going there. LOL.


Below is a view of Hamdan Street. This is actually the city centre - most of the first commercial establishments and offices are here. I've worked 12 years walking down this street.

That tall building towering the rest is the tallest residential tower in Abu Dhabi, Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid at the World Trade Centre.


We reached Qasr Al Hosn

After buying the sandals for Little Miss, we are ready to visit the Qasr Al Hosn. It is a historical landmark in Abu Dhabi. It is a fort, a watch tower that has seen Abu Dhabi evolve through time. It also became a home to the Al Nahyan Family, the Ruling Family of the UAE.

You will find in the photo below how they preserved renovated the grounds and opened it for all to see, while the growth and development happen just at its reach.

The tall building at the left is the Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid (WTC Residence), while the other one is the World Trade Centre Office Tower.


Here's another shot just outside the fort. The black and white effect kind of brings a nostalgic feel, ain't it?


We spent around three hours outside. At least the kids were able to see something else apart from the walls of our house. This time, they saw the walls that were witness to the development of the city we call our second home.

How about you, how's the day so far?


All photos are mine, shot via Huawei Nova 3.


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the kids must have loved some time outside

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Oh yes, they did! Though they also wanted to go to the Children's Library also within the Al Hosn's premises but it was still not operating due to Covid. :(

Its so hard for us all but especially for kids, we all hope and pray fr when it is finally over

We all surely pray this would be over soon. Kids keep on asking why the virus is still there. :(

I know its so hard for kids to understand, sadly I don't think it is going to be over here for a while at the moment it is only getting worse

Love your photos and the outdoor can definitely some good for the kids.
Getting my boys out from the house is getting more challenging than ever

Thanks @ireenchew! I loved how the photos turn out too.

I know what you mean with the challenge getting them out of the house. It's almost the same with my eldest. He's okay just sitting inside the house.

Hello @arrliinn! Your first photo shows Muroor Road in Abu Dhabi and after seeing it, I suddenly became nostalgic because of the wonderful memories I had there. Is Al Sultan Bakery still existing on the left side of that street?

Hi @storiesoferne! Thanks for passing by. Do you mean the Al Sultan Bakery near Adnoc Muroor? Yup, it's still very much there! :D

Yes that’s it. Thanks for the confirmation! Great post!

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I really love the gold building in the photo. Okay, one question who is little miss? 😅

Haha. Little Miss is my daughter, check out @divinekids. She's 6 years old. 😁

Wow what a refreshing day out for all of you!

I'm sure that you enjoyed the adventure and the shopping for your daughters shoes just as much as the kids did!

It was indeed a refreshing change even for just a while. <3

Yes, I know what you mean. I sat under a tree yesterday afternoon as it rained lightly around me cause the temp was not too bad- maybe about 18c and really humid, but I just did not want to leave- until the temp suddenly dropped about 10 degrees and the rain poured down a bit harder, but even then I still did not want to come home....

Hello dear friend @arrliinn good evening
It is good that the children have been able to enjoy a pleasant moment in the open air, what beautiful pictures you have shown us, excellent shots.
I take this opportunity to wish you a great night

Thank you! The weather here is starting to get better and outdoor activities are much more inviting.

Wish you had a lovely evening!