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Hello my fellow Hivers, what was your day like ? Course I had a very busy day at work today but I was able to apply the new techniques of drawing on my piece of art work ; I would have loved to share it with you but I don't like showing out my incomplete work I did prefer you seeing it complete and dusted 😅😂🤣 but don't worry one day you will get to see some of my art works.

Wow! I had a special visitor today, he is actually a visitor but known by all, he goes by the name @rollinshive, yeah! He's one of us here.

Although I didn't have it in mind that I was still going to have anyone come at that time, though it was fun having him around, we both chatted, joked and laughed together, he told me about the challenges he was going through on the new released game called Rabona and how a guy was frustrated due to being beaten despite having very good players, he had never won a match for once even teams that does not have developed players like his still takes his team down, I think for him that would have been really frustrating 😔 I'm really sorry for him, after investing so much on his players he still loses to his fellow opponents.

so now you can see that today was quite different from the past few days in term of activity now what was your day like?

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😅🤣🤣First lemme quickly clarify myself. That team that hasn't won a match isn't at all mine. You didn't structure the statement well. Before some people will be like rollinshive team sucks🤣🤣am still winning lots of matches. Not just the way I want.

Yea, it was fun. Enjoyed every bit of it as well.

Hmmm I can 👀 🤣😜😁👍

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You are awesomely awesome!

Because of the pandemic i don't really have much activity outside the house, i spend my time on the computer watching series, writing or designing for my personal business... but right now the only fun i have is taking my brother to a soccer class. hahahaha so sad.

Hmmm, quite interesting but as for the perdemic never mind course one day you will still have all the time to do what you want.

Yeah, i hope that´s soon.

Nice, we'll wait for the finished piece.

Well, mine was a normal day of work... and I also played a bit of Rabona and saw some Tennis at Roland Garros (on TV.)

That must have been too much fun Wow! You really had a nice day 😀

Wow, sounds like you have had a brilliant day all round!
So good to hear Ricardoh.

Thanks I really appreciate your comment 😅 Wow! TGIF

My pleasure and I agree1 TGIF! 😀