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I had a deadline to finish a Gamification project by tomorrow. I had 1 week established by me for this that I have agreed on with the customer.

Today my saga continued.

It's about Hive!

What did I do today?

I've been in Hive, learned, posted, interacted, made myself an...empty curation trail...been in discord, talked to people, tried to understand MORE about Hive and my presence here. Also, celebrated 1 month in Hive, as you may already know, and showed my gratitude for this community around Hive communities.


And todaaaayy...

I've been taking several hours to work on the #gamification project and left it as a draft until tomorrow BECAUSE I was thirsty for Hive...I went in #leofinance, quickly went in #proofofbrain, buzzed here and there on #ecency, #peakd, #hive!

I've met a good friend, discussed about Leo, Cub, POB, Hive, HBD, her Binance wallet, her transactions from Hive and so on πŸ˜΅πŸ’«

So, no...Hive doesn't take my nights away, but it surely takes a large amount of day from me :))
I had a project to finish that could bring me about 1000 hives at large...but I preferred to bee around Hive, instead.

πŸ˜‹ I'm smiling. I get satisfaction by being here. I just have to calibrate the workflow better and align it with my actual financial needs.

With care,


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Hello dear friend @regenerette good night
you're doing a very smart job. Congratulations
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night and a happy Sunday

Good night, my sweet friend!
Thank you so much for your kind words!

My Decentralized life is Grand! My Centralized Life is a dystopic twist of Blue Collar/pain, madness, and relegated as white trash. I am in 2 different worlds with 2 different missions. I am trying to live and die as fast as possible in the Centralized plain, and in the Decentralized community I am trying to live again and make war on the Centralized Predatory way of life. When the Universe and your God gives you a divinely inspired mission the glory of the fight far outweighs any glory from the monetary gains made in the fight. You can and will achieve your dreams and goals by sheer force of will on the Decentralized playing field!

@natepowers, thank you for coming by, reading, and offering a response. It is also empowering to me to read your last sentence. Thank you for the optimism, for the encouragement.
For was psoriasis that went crazy years ago so I couldn't put on my suit, my high-heels, and go to work. I was an Austrian bank manager back then and an NLP Business coach. The global crisis also started in 2008 so I told myself I'll work from home, which I did. And I have refocused my activities for online work. I gave up with such ease on everything. I had duties and responsibilities....such as a small being to be raised, a partner who wasn't working, rent, utilities, food, etc...they were all on me. But I managed with all. If the only Hive was #alive back then!

I am sure you will soon go all-in for the decentralized option. The rest is somehow stealing energy, years, our health, our wellbeing from us. Rooten matrixes with dusty behaviors from bosses, colleagues, and so on.

Good luck in everything you do!