I am still here - Day 28 IACC

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Dear community friends.

...we need to organize a dancing party once I get fully recovered...

πŸ‘‰ The week has started with two major medical controls.

Now it's all silent until next week. Got to work to earn my bread....

BUT the time I spend in Hive takes a lot from my working time.

Maybe I'm getting older and I am not that fast anymore.

Even so I just wanted to come by and hug you all and tell you I am here if anyone will ever need me.

With CARE,


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Oh baby!
Good evening.
I'll always need you here on alive and hive at large.
I've missed this hugs for some days and am getting sick for not having it.
Am restored after taking it just now.
I wish you quick recovery.
The party awaits your recovery.


I want the recovery also, it might take some practice! Also will go for the seaside if I feel better and I will be posting from there!

I missed your comments also!

Be good and behave around Hive now!

Okay dear.
Have a great weekend


Okay dear

Oh no. Sorry.
One of the medicines in the hospitald for sick/ill individuals is sorry.
I just gave you one.
Wishing you quick recovery

Ty so much!

You're welcome πŸ˜„

oh no hope you are doing better now and you recover soon !! :)