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What's the deal with cockroaches. They never ever die on their stomach. Each time I see a dead roach, it's on it's back. Have you ever noticed this or is it just me? I mean is it their way of looking towards the sky, where heaven supposedly is, trying to repent for their sins of instilling fear in the most macho of men? Or is it part of their spiritual way of life? The things that keep me up at night..

In a sense I kind of discovered a secret life hack today when I left my phone at home by accident while going to the office. Not having my phone with me meant I could use that excuse to get myself out of almost anything. Someone be like "hey, I called you about that task". Oh my bad, left my phone at home. Oh, you needed me for this and couldn't reach me? Left my phone at home. While it's a freeing feeling, the dysfunctional dynamic with my peers was something to ponder about. Brings into perspective how this small device is intertwined into our lives.

Now for an appropriate daily funny image.


Day 13 of the #IAmAliveChallenge and that's all we're going to say about that, just in case the number really is bad luck.

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Interesting perspective. I have 2 phones and my experience really differs based on which one of the two I leave (read: forget) at home.

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I can imagine. Especially if you give out each number to a specific subset of people in your life. What happens when you leave both at home?

Never happened. But if it did, I'd probably drive back home. Have done that when I forgot my laptop charger.

Btw.. Only on one of them I actually answer the phone. The other is text only. But that's the procrastination one, because it has the social media apps on it. The main one doesn't.

So you have a separate phone for productivity basically, not a bad idea.

Phone 1: Phone calls only, on silent mode.
Phone 2: Social Media, on silent and airplane mode.

Just out of curiosity: Does the second one have a sim card if it's always on airplane mode anyway? Where do you put something like Whatsapp that requires a phone number? If that's on phone 2 with airplane mode, that means someone might have access to that number, but is not able to call you on it.

Yes. The second one has a sim card, with a number people have access to but they can't call. It's a WhatsApp only number.

I like the comic... and the cockroach story... Maybe only those that we find/see dying on their back? Not sure about when they die by natural death... :)

You might be on to something. Someone told me that maybe they turn on their back because they try to climb something and then die afterwards when they can't get up.

Wow... that's an interesting theory... and I have something to add on that... They are not cockroaches, but still... climbing to die...

Lol, nice. Are those snails? Did you take the picture yourself?

Yes, they are... Those are dead snails, and I have taken the photo... I see that on many fences here in my surroundings... and it looks like your theory works! :)

Oh, they looked alive. πŸ˜‚

The picture is very well done. My compliments. Cheers 🍻

Ha do cockroaches ever die a natural death?

CAN they even die a natural death??? 😳

Thanks for the imnsight into Cockroaches, It put a smile on my face

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The insight can do that, but the sight itself may not. Glad I could make at least one person smile.

Yeahs ago I lived in a really old share house on the beach and it was absolutely infested by cocky's- didn't matter how many 'bombs' we used and one of my housemates was a med student and he used to cut their heads off (after they were dead...) and you know how stupid rich humans pay to be monstrously cruel to animals by shooting them and call it a sport and then they cut their heads and mount them up on a wall to.... well anyway, that's what my housemate did.

So he had quite a collection going up on the kitchen wall to warn off all of the other cocky's.

Obviously didn't work though. Anyway so we all moved out and the stingy owner tried to charge us to have them professionally was cheap rent and on the beach...and I was young...

Anyhooooo, great comic!

Do you make these yourself or find them somewhere???

So making an example out of a few DOESN'T work? Back to the drawing board for me then.

Nope, they're from the internet. I can't draw to save my life. Still forget to put the source sometimes in these posts.

No, those cockies are like the Hari Kari of roaches- send some into sacrifice themselves for the masses...

And I'm sure that they never die anyway.

They're like zombies- you have to go the double tap to the head and then chop off their heads cause otherwise they'll be like the Terminator and gel back together again instead....

Note to self: Avoid Australian cockroaches.

Haaaa and maybe Australians, after all (except me, I'm alright they say...), there was a reason that we were all sent to the convict colony...and just because the other half sent here were the soldiers and prison guards, doesn't make them any better, mostly worse really.

Oh actually you've got to watch this it is freaking hilarious!!!
Original Aussie series about the original convicts..

On You tube so they're only short eps.

Have fun!!! πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

Always found it interesting how that continent was treated like a global prison at some point in time.

Good series. Funniest hanging/hangman I've seen so far. I will probably be done with these by the end of the day.

Haa and 240 years later is still is!!
damn corona...mumble....damn.... mumble...bastards.... mumble....crap...

Yeah it's a great series and a couple of my friends are in it too!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Gotta say. This consistent social boost is very addicting. Might need some rehab when the week is over.