Ice Cream Sunday || IAAC #91

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I Am Alive! 🌱

Nothing fancy or interesting happening today. Just a nice Sunday relaxing with some ice cream and watching the last season of dr Who. Mana that show has a lot of plots and twists.

I've been overworking a bit the past week, and also yesterday, so a bit of laying back and doing nothing is not a bad thing. The crypto market is also making nice moves upwards. HIVE seems to be trying to break the ceiling it's been under as well. What do you think HIVE will do next? And how are you preparing for this?

Now for an (in)appropriate daily funny image to balance out all the drama.



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@rarej - I am really agreed with you that doing nothing or lazy Sunday is nothing wrong. I myself as well always have my lazy easy Sunday of doing nothing but do anything as my desires.

For the Crypto market, I think we need to eye on it. Don't all in. Some coins is rising without any strong development to support the rise in price or price being driven by communities. Or another word that some coins are in pump and dump mode. I have no comment on Hive. But I still carry on my DCA/Dollar Cost Average strategy to stack up some coins. DCA is what can help me achieve my goal and never feel FOMO.

By the way, your ice cream looks so yummy and tempting. Have a great day and enjoy your easy Sunday. !ENGAGE 25

You have a good point to not fall into FOMO. That's why I use my lazy Sundays to do exactly that: researching crypto projects. As long is you invest in something with potential, it will be valuable in the end.


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how are you dear friend @rarej good afternoon
You are doing very well to take Sunday as a day of rest, it does good to the body and rest the mind, very necessary to start the week with energy.
enjoy your delicious ice cream

Thank you! How do you relax?


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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.