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RE: Chooseday Thoughts: Embrace Change | IAAC 187th

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AHHH! My bestie @ph1102 was on your computer!! 😂🤣 Good choice!

Damn, that is crazy you have to work from home, girl. In some ways, I can see some positives to it since you can do that & work on Hive in one smooth transition. But I can imagine that was a bit of a surprise...

Change is the only constant we have in life & while we as humans are usually uncomfortable with change, we kind of have to go with the flow to a point. I still speak up when the plandemic rules get ridiculous (as they are continually are), though. Now that I have "awakened" more, I am not afraid to encourage others to think for themselves.....

Anyways, I hope your work space gets sorted out. It looks good so far...mine isn't thrilling. I have a home office I never use so you reminded me to work on it & start perhaps using it next month. I mentioned doing that in one of my videos & then forgot all about it lol...

Hang in there, girl. We will get through this & I hope you enjoy HiveChat. I hardly slept last night so I will be missing it this week since I need to get some more sleep. Give Dbuzz a shout for me & I will catch up later on :)

Love ya! Big hugs! 💗🤗


Yeah.. I saw that... I was talking to nobody... tctctct... Maybe cats were listening? 🤣

HAHAHHA well you know Timmy listens to you ;) 😂🤣😸

Get lots of rest :) I'm sure you deserve it :)

Yeah I haven't gotten over the strange feeling. Technically, I start working from home tomorrow. :) But I'm like still trying to analyze how I could maximize the situation. There are stuff I've been meaning to do, but hardly have the spare time as I'm not home mostly during the day. This is my chance to make some things work. But I'm still stuck on analyzing. LOL! And you know how fast time flies indeed... one of the upside is that the pets get to be around me longer LOL! They just need to get used to my longer presence once more. Hope you'll get around to use your home office :)

Midweek tomorrow! Oh wow and October is ending in a few too.. where indeed did 2020 go?? :p oh boy! Talk soon... take care always!

Here's some #pixiedust for you to keep you going.... :)


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