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RE: Recipe Sunday: Banana Coffee Smoothie | IAAC 185th

in I Am Alive Challenge3 months ago

I love the sound of rain, especially when I am sleeping. It soothes me a lot. Sometimes, even when it isn't raining outside, I will play a video in the background of rain falling. (I have this one I play regularly at the moment.) YouTube has plenty of these ASMR videos of rain, beach waves, etc :) It is great! It doesn't rain here often in NV but when it does, it is so nice :)

The banana coffee smoothie seems interesting. I used to make berry smoothies a lot but it's been awhile. I need to start doing that again because it is good for health reasons & tastes great. Never thought of banana & coffee together lol....might try that sometime! :)

I hope your weekend is going well & that you got everything done that you wanted. ALSO, I hope Monday at work is a tiny bit more peaceful for you. I will pray that the drilling & noise ends soon. You have much more patience than I do, I will tell you that right now hahh.

Love ya, girl. Take care & enjoy the rest of your evening. Sending hugs & pixie dust :) 🧡😻


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