I didn't Imagine that it will happen to me — Seize the Day!

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My routine in the morning every 6:30 a.m. is to look at my plants, clean and water them. I use 2 buckets and 6 empty 1.5 bottles of soda to water the plant. After that, I have to refill again to cool the water, because the water temperature here is so hot now that it seems like boiling water in a thermos! You do not need a water heater if you want to take a bath!


It never crossed to my mind that this would happen to me! Changing car tires! And I have no idea and experience of it! Now I realize that the job of car mechanics was really hard, especially when the weather is hot! I have no experience or idea in tire replacement and how heavy or difficult it is to do!

The tire is really heavy and it is very difficult to loosen its screws? To make matters worse, because we also ran for about 10 minutes before we saw that the tire was flat? And its screws are too hot to remove and its too tight! I am sure that if my wife is alone, she will not be able to change it alone even with a man with a weak body. Because it requires force and strength!


It was good and I watched some movies on how they change tires so I had an idea how to do it. We have a jack but I was expecting a different type of jack. The jack that we have is the manual jack that is rotated and not the pumping jack that is easy to use.

The wheel wrench with an extension bar that I use was not the cross-shaped thing, that is why it is really hard to use and it was thin! Maybe it would be better for me to share the things you should remember to have inside your car; so that if what happens to me happens to you, you will be ready.

The Tyre Changing Equipment must always in your CAR

  1. Spare Tyre
  2. Tyre Repair Kit
  3. Wheel Wrench
  4. Locking Wheel-nut Adapter
  5. Jack
  6. and the Vehicle's handbook

Useful things to Consider

  1. A wheel Chock or a piece of wood, to stop your car rolling while changing tires.
  2. A tire pressure gauge to check how much air your tire needed.
  3. A Reflective jacket if it happened in the evening.
  4. A towel, cushion, or a carton to kneel on.
  5. Gloves
  6. First Aid Kit, in case you hurt yourself for changing the tire.
  7. Torche Led Light

If you’ve bought a second-hand car, you must check all the tools provided by the seller or manufacturer, including the tire changing equipment, and do not assume that they include it to the car. But of course, expect that there is no spare tire at the second-hand car. Deal with them for the extra tires.


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It never happens ... but when it happens ... it's hard

Yes! Really hard... Very Hard! Especially if it happens in the middle of the main road! (^_^)

My hero! <3

hello dear friend @kennyroy good night
I regret that I had to start the week with this arduous task, however, from the bad things you can also get something positive, thanks to it, you have learned something new, in addition to valuing someone else's work
Thank you very much for letting us know all the details
have a wonderful night stay safe take care dear friend

Thank you so much... I learned a lot... Thanks be unto God we are safe brother... (^_^)

hello dear friend @kennyroy good day
you have nothing to thank, on the contrary, we are grateful for the shared information. it is always good to learn something new, you never know when they may need it
Have a wonderful day dear friend