A RETROSPECTION #ImAliveChallengeDay10

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I believe life is a journey, often difficult and sometimes incredibly bizarre. But we're well equipped for it if only we tap into our talents and gifts and allow them to blossom even as we trust God for a lead.



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Feedback from the October 1st Hive Power Up Day

You are so right there JearyJoe- like can be so dificult but when you keep conquering those small battles, you will get to the end and win the war without even realising it.

You just have to be a strong, flexible, adaptable, resilient, innovative and pro-active person to make all of your tomorrows better than it was today.

Take care, stay well and best wishes to you.

So excited to hear from you again dear friend. You just butrees my point, what a blessing to have you around... Sure, we will win if we don't quit.
Hope to hearing from you again soon

Thank you there Jearyjoe. May I call you Joe- assuming that is your first name?

Thanks so much and it is definitely good to see you again and read your insightful and inspiring posts!

I look forward to more.
Until then, be safe.

Awwn, thanks for the friendly gesture... Actually Joe is my last name, you can call me Jeary.
Sincerely, a friend like you can only push one to do better.
Once again it's nice having you around.

Oh! I didn't get your name please

Ok so Jeary is you first name then? or is that a nickname?

My name is Leesa- think Lisa Simpson from the Simpsons cartoon...lol...

Yeah, Jeary is my middle name, you might not be able to pronounce my first name because of its origin.

Coincidentally, Simpson was my favourite as a child and now I still have virtually most of its series on my drive

Go on, give it to me. I can pronounce anything! 😀

Yes, I love the Simpsons too, but haven't watched it for ages- especially since I discovered the hive...

Wow Leesa, it's interesting to know that we have or should I say "had" Simpson in common. I hope we can also share some other interests