cups and boots for sale + random thursday talk

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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

Lets start with some random thursday talk:

Today, the weather has been good. Sun did come out and it was not cold.
Skipped work, not feeling well today. i will also skip doing actifit steps today. No stress policy :-)
Work has been fine so far for this week. Not very hectic.
Today is CTP affiliate marketing webinar at 8am EST. I am planning to attend.
And Yes, i am very happy to be alive.
Lockdown is still on in England. Next review is on 22nd Feb. Things are improving hopefully it will end someday.
Schools may start on 8th March, let's not celebrate yet.
You can read more -

Moving on, Its scavenger hunt time

Cups and boots for sale

Yes, today is the day of the week i meet lukethelistbuilder again.

One day of the week, i will be doing scavenger hunt.

Location: Listopia, northern pass
Occupants: cupoftraffic and bootscootintraffic

Started my hunt at cupoftraffic, surfed 48 pages and found lukethelistbuilder <strike 1>
Then, i went to bootscootintraffic, surfed 44 pages and found lukethelistbuilder <strike 2>
Returned back to cupoftraffic, surfed 48 more pages and found lukethelistbuilder again <strike 3>
Returned back to bootscootintraffic, surfed 44 more pages and found lukethelistbuilder again <strike 4>
Finally, back to cupoftraffic, surfed 48 more pages and found lukethelistbuilder for the last time <strike 5>

Picture evidence:

  1. Cupoftraffic

  2. Bootscootintraffic

  3. Cupoftraffic

  4. Bootscootintraffic

  5. Cupoftraffic

see ya tomorrow

Farhad Kias

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Hope you feel better soon.

A few weeks ago you said that you would not look for Luke anymore, what happened?

old habits don't die easily :-) joking

Will do it once or twice a week from now on.

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