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...that watching certain movies could be therapeutic? I certainly felt it was. My daughter and I have been watching the "has fallen" series -- first two movies. Tonight, we're planning to watch the last part. I don't know but there was something satisfying in watching action-packed scenes. I felt that pent up emotions get released somehow. 😂🤣 it's not for younger audiences though.

...that this photo was taken some five years ago. That time I was doing freelance work and didn't have day work, so I could do mom duties. My daughter had testing and interview for a job in another part of the metropolis. I accompanied her there and waited it out at the nearest McDonald's. This was my view from where I sat. Fun times... 😝😝

...that the sticky rice called suman was yummy! I took photos as I ate it and put them all together in the above video. Mmmmm 😋😋

...that's my weekend face all throughout the day! Weeeee 😂🤣 I certainly live for the weekends!! Wow, it's also mid-month by tomorrow. Oh yeah, Happy Valentine's to all who celebrate. It's definitely just another day.

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@iamraincrystal - When I was young and worked in a corporate job, I visited cinema to enjoy the movies about 2-3 times a week or when the new show was on showing. At that time, I felt that I needed a time to concentrate on something else for an hour or couple of hours by seeing the movies. Those movies flied my mind to somewhere from normal hectic working life.

Apart from all day reading books and articles or topics that I love online, I am confessed that I am so addicted to all kind of series. To think about the cinema or movie, I can not recall my last time that out for movies anymore.

Great that you show me your Suman, I forget the name but recognize the taste and feel so well. Love the smell of banana leaf or palm leaf that being wrapped the sticky rice with coconut milk. And yes this type of sticky rice cake or Suman is always great with latik.

Have a great Saturday. !ENGAGE 30

ahh the good ole days of going to the cinemas! I wonder when it will happen again... 🙄🙄 but it's funny how local officials want cinemas reopened but not schools 😒😒 crazy times!

We did it occasionally, mostly when my daughter wanted to watch an interesting movie. Sometimes we miss it. So we recreate the experience at home 😂🤣

Happy heart's day! It's just another day.. 😁😁

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I wish you a valentine's day. In your picture, I can see behind you a calendar with a lot of notes on it. It is a good thing to take notes on calendars to keep you reminded of important occasions. It's good to see your face like this