What Day Is It? I'm Lost! | IAAC 182nd

HALP! I seem to have lost my mind today. Well, not technically, but I was a bit lost as to what day it is now. All the while I thought Friday is day after tomorrow. 😂🤣 oh boy!!!

First off, a shoutout to @dapplr team for the quick response. I was having trouble uploading a photo, so I took a screenshot and reported it on discord. It was fixed right away after just a few minutes. 😉👍🏼Good job!

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Then, I somehow managed to accidentally shove my mug and spilled water on me. Good thing I was home and just changed pants. 🤣😂 what the ?!?! Yeah, it's one of those 'I'm-not-quite-myself' days. 🙄🙄 so what do you do when you get one of these days? I'd love to hear your story. 😉👍🏼

Counting down 9 days to go and it will be November! I'm just excited for pay day. LOL!!! 😁😁 I just want the week to end...

I better take it easy for today and make sure I get some extra rest. Perhaps the universe is telling me to stay put for awhile. 😂🤣 I better listen and unplug from the noise for a bit. Well, I'll see you for another FriYAY video tomorrow. I'm already thinking of what to feature for money talk. 😉👍🏼 ta-tah!

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Ha ha! Yes, we don't blame the Mercury Retrograde for everything lol....smart woman ;) Sometimes, stuff just happens...life! :)

I have been having issues with time actually. This morning, when I woke up, I thought it was Friday for a few minutes and realized it's Thursday. Then, last week, I thought it was Wednesday all day when it was Thursday. Just weirdness....and then I was talking with a bunch of other people I know. Guess what? All of them were having different time lapse issues....so something is up. Some had worse time mishaps than us. It is crazy but energies are shifting. So who knows? I am just glad I have my phone and a calendar near by haha ... 😂🤣

Glad @dapplr came through for you. I have had very good experiences with them and the community so I am always appreciative as well!

Have an awesome day, girl! I hope it is a happy one and one more day closer to the weekend ;) Love ya tons! Sending #pixiedust & hugs your way. 💗🙏🤗

time flies 'coz we're having fun! 😂🤣 yeah, it's just so fast that it's tough to keep up at times. 😝😝 but we simply need to keep going. Nonetheless, I remind myself the importance of having my own natural rhythm. I'd get more lost without the balance 😉👍🏼

I totally enjoy using @dapplr. It's a fantastic mobile dApp! 😁😁

Happy weekend in advance to you! Kisses to you & Timmy 😘😘 take care & talk soon 😉👍🏼

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Love to you too Sis to you and the furry kids :) as well as your family :) ❤️😘

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