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Is there any problem in your right thumb nail? Looks like a little more bending inside.

Anyway, nice to meet you. I am a newcomer (still) to this community and reading a post of your, for the first time,I guess. I have found your post interesting. You have talked about a multiple things; the pandemic, effects of in our life, your feeling regarding your family member, sorrows of other family who has lost their loved one, taking away your previous mouse etc.

You have also talked about @ecency. I am also a constant user of this app. This app deserves the proper recognition.

Have a wonderful day:)

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Hi @hafiz34, when I was a little boy, before I was a year old, an ironing board fell on my finger. But who would say, that finger serves me excellently to play guitar.
As steve jobs said in his interview at stanford university, you have to connect the dots to the past.

I am pleased to know that you are a doctor, thank you for taking care of lives through your profession. Greetings from Colombia.


Thanks for letting us know the story behind your thumbnail. Good to know that it turned out to be a blessing.

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