I am alive challenge day 135: Harvesting my tomatoes everyday on the farm

Its another beautiful day and morning. Am glad to be alive today.




The rate at which rain is falling now has now reduve d and my tomatoes are now doing very well and are not rotten like before . I pluck them everyday.


I didnt remember when last i went out to buy tomatoes. It looks as if I was given because I don't buy tomatoes instead I use the money to do another thing. I guess and eating from the sweat of my labour. Am very happy.
Join the #iamalivechallenge and always give thanks for the victory won each day.



Wow fresh tomatoes are just so delicious and healthy, I wish that I had tomato plants myself, but my living situation does not allow that, not currently at least, thanks a lot for sharing.

Thanks so much for checking out my post @flaxz. I know you are always busy. Staysafe and hive on

Hi femcy-willy,

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Thanks so much

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