I am alive challenge day 130

This is my day130 on the #iamalivechallenge. Wow its another awesome day and am glad to be alive. Despite the up and downs in the country God has being my protector.



Am not better than the people that are dead but in God infinite mercy help me upto this point.
#iamalive and #hiveisalive.


Activities still going on the farm with the birds they are feeling better and growing very well and also the birds are alive😀😀😀



how are you dear friend @ femcy-willy good day
Congratulations on your 130 video, you've done a great job
happy to know that you are well and that you are healthy, which is very important
stay safe and take care dear friend

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Thanks for stopping by take care and stay safe @jlufer

Wow those chickens have grown a lot since I last saw them, thanks for sharing and take good care of them.

Thanks so much for checking by. Sure I will