Am alive challenge #hive is alive


Hello hiveians

Never beg to be loved,wanted or appreciated. If you have to,you'll never get a true and sincere one,just one out of pity and you don't want to be pitied,because you're not created to be pitied, but to be envied.

So just hang in there,yours will come,you wouldn't need to beg for attention or to be loved, you will be the center of attraction.

Am alive challenge #hive is alive

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We see a lot of attention seekers around us. If the thing they are seeking for, are not achieved, they become dishearten.

A good posts about one of the principal philosophy of our life. We shouldn't beg for love or appreciation. We just need to do what we love to do and we need to do things for the others. If we can do that, the love and appreciation will follow in the long run.

Looks like you are having a beautiful and relaxing time in that water pool.

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