# Am alive challenge day 7


I want to really appreciate God for giving this privilege to be among the living this morning all Glory to my maker
do you no When God told Adam not to eat of the tree, it was because God, being the Father of Cryptology, knew the codes that were running in the tree and the consequences of its combinations with Adam's genes. God knew it would disconnect him from the Spiritual Life Holding Service.

Ordinarily, a day before God is 1000 years. No man lived up to that. Adam died at 930 years, Seth at 912 years, Enos at 905 years, Cainan at 910 years, Mehaleel at 895 years, Methuselah at 969 years, Lamech at 777 years, Noah at 950 years; and then, there was a very sharp decline, about 463%, to Terah who died at 205 years. Abraham died at 175 years. And, then, we see the Psalmist who pegged the human age to be 70 years, and 80 years by grace.

Good morning guys and have a wonderful day ahead


Hello dear friend @ captain-sam good morning
I heartily appreciate these words, you are very kind.
It's good to know that everything is fine, especially your health
Stay safe and take care dear friend
Have a wonderful day

It's a pleasure @jlufer please do stay safe too

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