I am alive challenge Day 8: Celebrating the good things while I can

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Back at it again with my challenge post! Number is steady climbing. I thinking doing written post on the weekends and videos during the week maybe?

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Great video @bigtakosensei and it looks like you are walking in such a peaceful and lush green area! So nice to see, it looks so serene.

And by the way, checkout how well your camera is picking up the awesome looking sky and clouds above you If you get some nice cloud sunset shots there is a community here called love the clouds if you don't already know AND the Wednesdaywalk community too, which you could also use you vlog in...

I presume that you're on a phone. Can I ask what sort of phone as I'm really impressed with that camera and not so much with mine.....

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Thanks I didn’t know about the Wednesday walk community, sounds cool. But yeah that’s one of my favorite local walking spots. I have different ones that I go to, some more than others, so you’ll have to stay tuned to see some of he other places

And it’s the iPhone 10