Shroomie, My DTIYS Entry

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Riiiiiiinnnnnggggg says the alarm, Shroomie the newbie was panicking. He quickly grabbed his red garb and put on his favorite mushroom helmet. He rush out the door and hop on the red fire truck. Someone is in need of help to put out a fire

This is my entry to the Draw This In Your Style Challenge by @shookt. A cute mushroom character with a cute helmet to match. This is how I made my interpretation. A Fireman in action holding a hose ready to help. Thanks for sharing this challenge. It gave me that drive to create today. The experience was challenging but fun.

If you want to support or join in this DTIYS challenge, you may go ahead and check the community

Thank you for stopping by. Until next time

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Very sweet and cute artwork, @london65! Well done!

Thanks for gracing my post 💖