Winners Of Draw This In Your Style Contest 01

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Good day my friends,

Voting on dpoll is now over the scores are already in and it is now time to announce the winners. Before we do that let me thank everyone who supported this contest and participated including the casting of votes on dpoll

Here are the participants who made such beautiful entries I could not thank them enough for the time and effort they spent for this contest
Thank you once again:

So here are the winners base on you votes via



@dinglehopper 3 Hive

1st Runner Up:

@glstech 1 Hive

2nd Runner Up:

@mabalacat 1 Hive

Congratulations guys and thank you everyone for your support and participation

You made this a success indeed.

Draw This In Your Style is a fun activity anyone can explore and participate in. No matter what level of drawing skills you got, you can definitely join and share your drawings here. What is important is, we celebrate our own individual styles. This is also an opportunity to develop or learn about our own drawing style.

If you have questions or suggestions let me know in the comments. If you want to support and keep this contest active feel free to give it a like or send your donations for the prizes.

Thank you for stopping by


Thank you for the votes and thank you @jadung for the prize award


Congratulations keep it up

Congratulations everyone thank you so much for your support