Draw This In Your Style Challenge, Zombie Princess

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Hello Hivers,

Here is a drawing I made as my entry to Draw This In Your Style Challenge of @cabalen which is about a zombie Princess character. This is the lazy kind of style I am showing you today. Rough line drawings that never got corrected or erased. I love seeing those initial scribbles before the edit. I like seeing the rawness of the drawing no matter how unpolished it is you can tell what it is and see the artist's point of view. Here I show the princess in action.

Hope you like it. Hive On
gif courtesy of doze

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Thanks for the submission

Glad I'm not the only one with a lazy style like this XD

I like the movement in the lines of this style anyway, think you would lose a bit of that polishing it up :)

I agree I will definitely lose that movement should I try to polish the lines. Thank you and glad to read your comment