Doodle Dailies, Purple Dog

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Hey community

This is my quick doodle today which I find usable for a Draw This In Your Style Challenge. It came out of nowhere obviously I was practising with another digital brush. I forgot its name because I didn't like it. Difficult to use difficult to master and difficult to love 😭. No worries though because it helped create this nice little dog with a cute hat. A gentleman kind of a hat. But what is he looking at from a distance? Maybe trying to converse with the stars asking them

When moon?

Given the situation on crypto twitter I would have asked the same. For now I will let him be a dog as his color is already too much to ponder upon, 👀. But anyway I do hope that you like my drawing

Have a great day my friends and Hive On
gif courtesy of doze

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What a sweet drawing. Beautiful work, sir!

Thanks for the encouraging words

I like the way this dog turned out. It has a painty feel and purple was a good choice and goes well with the yellow hat, black background and even the green foreground. I still get phasedd when doing my sketches digitally.

I think the brush gave it that look and feel and I am happy to see how it turned out just reading your comments 👀 Thanks

Lovely shade of purple on a cute dog