Two wild and Sweet Kittens for Caturday

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Once upon in 2020, 6 kittens were born on Father’s Day Sunday.
Two of those kittens now live at our house.
I have shared many photos of the kittens on my Actifit account @goodmemories.


This is Blaze when he was 6 weeks old.
He has a tiny meow and likes a lot of attention in the mornings when I am trying to study Spanish!


Here he was 10.5 weeks old. The day he and his brother came to live at our house.


Meet Blaze at about 6 weeks old.


Blaze at our house at 11 weeks old.
He loves to snuggle with my husband when he is watching tv.


They are great brothers and love playing, wrestling and sleeping together! They are almost 14 weeks old now.

Note: I didn’t mean to post this in alwaysaflower! 😊
A friend in the comments below said, I needed to add a flower, so...

Obedient Plant1.JPG

This is Obedient and it is in bloom in my yard right now.
It only blooms in the fall!

Have a blessed day!


September 26, 2020


Very cute cats!! Looking very handsome too! Yup! You need to add a flower! LoL

Haha, true I could add a flower!

Cats make our lives bloom too ;)

Haha, yes they do! Thank you @nikv! Have a wonderful day!

Blaze has mesmerizing eyes. Great for caturday 🐱.


Nothing like a kitty picture to bring a smile to your face... Now I have five smiles... 😀😊😉😅😺

Haha, I knew you would appreciate this post!

Aww they are adoreable.

Thank you!