Tiny pink flowers...

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Hi guys!

Today my husband and I went to visit my family. Thursday was my sister's birthday. We brought her a surprise cake. My sister is my everything.


I got married in May. Even the corona could not prevent us from getting married! 😂


I love succulents and cacti. I definitely buy a cactus every time I see it. I guess that's my weakness. Even at my engagement ceremony I distributed cactus and succulent.


Unfortunately my flowers did not like my home. I took my flowers to my house and they started to fade.


My father is an expert on flowers. So I brought my flowers to my dad and entrusted him.


I was sorry that my cactuses are not blooming. But today was a surprise for me. One of my succulents bloomed. Tiny pink flowers...😍


When I saw them I wanted to take photos with my macro lens. I hope you like these pink little flowers too.


My husband wanted to pose with my flowers! 😂

How was your Sunday? I hope you had a day of surprise like mine. See you in the next post. Take care of yourselves!


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Thank you @ackhoo ! 🙏😊

Hi @ewkaw ! Finally one of my succulents bloomed. 😍 But I'm still waiting for my cacti.

Ooohh they are very pretty! And fuzzy :)
Hello to half-husband :P

Yes, they are very pretty! They are my first flowers. That's why they are dear to me. Hahahahaha! Half-husband! 😂 That made me laugh. 😂

Now they will bloom for you often :))

I hope! :))

Your photography is awesome 👏

I am glad you like it. Thanks for your comment. 😊



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thank you @jasonmunapasee :)

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these are great macros! Beautiful tiny flowers.

Thanks! :)