Macro photo trials - pink dream

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Good evening!

It was a bit annoying today. I was busy doing housework and cooking all day. I made zucchini soup, which is my mother's favorite soup.


What do you think about pink color? We describe our beautiful dreams with pink. For example, young girls dream of a house with pink blinds. 😊

When I did a research on pink color, I learned that it was a sign of hope. I guess that's why we depict our dreams in pink.


When I look at something pink I think everything will be fine. This is what I feel when I look at this flower. I hope you have the same feelings.

I hope everything goes well in your life.

Take care of yourself!


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Thank you! 😊

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Thank you so much @blessed-girl

Pink is definitely a girls dream and i love the micro shots they look amazing 😉

absolutely it is :) glad you like them.