Flowers on branches

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Hi guys!

Finally Friday! 😊 I guess that’s why I’m pretty happy. I had a very busy and sick week. I want to rest well on the weekend. Of course, I don’t know if this is possible. I need to clean the house. There is also laundry to he washed and ironed. I hate ironing. I never ironed until I got married. My mother took care of my ironing. When I was in college, my housemate used to iron my stuff! 😊


These flowers are from my grandmother’s garden. She has a huge garden and a lot of flowers in her garden. I love to take flower photos. I shared a different color of this flower before. Also red is one of my favorite colors. I read somewhere that brides wear red for good luck at traditional Chinese weddings. Also red means beautiful in Russian.


I feel a little sad nowadays. My posts do not see enough interest. I hope this post will be liked. I need your support. I am happy when my posts are liked. I’ll try a different recipe tonight. I hope it will be nice and I share with you.

Good bye for now! Happy Friday!