Lilacs for Tree Tuesday

Here are some lilacs and other flowers for #treetuesday
Here are some lilac blooms I'm not sure lilacs are technically a bush or a tree though lol.

Just to be safe here is a twisted tree I saw at the park.

Now back to the amazing smelling lilacs.

There were all shapes and sizes and scents of them at the park. This one kind of smelled like grapes.

This one sort of smelled like a decomposed rose of sorts lol.

Most of the lilac bushes/trees were variants of pinks and purples.

This one was almost a white pink and had a mild scent to it.

Beneath the lilacs they planted lots of other spring flowers. I have no idea what this thick bed of magenta flowers is but the looked amazing.

The daffodils were blooming as well.

Here is a white lilac to match the daffodils.

I think this might be lupine but I'm not sure...
And some more white flowers. That is all for this #treetuesday thanks for looking :-)


Very pretty flower.
all your pictures look so perfect.

Nice bright sunny days are good for that, though they have been drying up all my mushrooms lately.

this is also very interesting to look at.

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Nice shots, spring is such a blessing for the eye 😊

And a bit of a curse for my nasal passage. Fortunately I'm not allergic to the lilacs just the pear and plum tree blossoms.

Yah allergies suck. Maybe you need to eat more pears and plums 😅

I've been eating lots of bee pollen but it makes my allergies even worse lol.

Oh wow really? That's sad and funny lol.

Wow! Amazing! Flowers everywhere! So nice and full of sweet fragrance! I wanna roll around on those pink bush! LoL

Just don't wear your white shirt while doing it.

The next to last photo, blue, is grape hyacinth, muscari armeniacum. Love the lilacs! We have a place near here that has over 300 varieties of lilacs. It's amazing how different from one another they can smell, and still be lilac.

Aha I has a suspicion it wasn't lupine. The lilacs have all sorts of different subtle scents. I wonder what lilac honey would taste like.

Beautiful ❤️

thanks :-)

Totalmente hermosas son de mi color favorito el morado. 😍

Gracias :-)