The path of flowers

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Good afternoon dear friends

Today I am sharing with you some pictures that I took over time, flowers and more flowers.
This yellow flower I took from a small bush in a park near my house.
When the sunlight hits them they look like little gold pendants


I have planted this orange lily in a pot at home, and every year I look forward to it when they bloom and enjoy the beauty that lasts only a few days


The yellow dahlia with its magnificent petals, forming a work of nature for its perfection, this photo I took in a flower shop, when I passed in front I couldn't help enjoying it


Yellow hibiscus, was in a small garden at the bottom of a bus stop, I also took the opportunity to take a photo, hidden in the middle of the plants


Another species of hibiscus, this one in pink, was on the sidewalk of a house, on the street where I passed, a little different from the others I always found in gardens and parks


Small white flowers, lost in the middle of a garden near my house, they were so small, I had to do a macro photography, where we can see their perfect petals


When we walk through the parks and gardens, if we pay close attention, we will find unimaginable species of plants and flowers, often go unnoticed, but when we find them, nature shows us its beauty, and it is worth the effort to find


I love the Hibiscus, great for tea as well.

In addition to being a very beautiful flower, many people even use it to make tea

Belas fotos! Cada flor mais linda que a outra.

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Beautiful photos! ❤️ That yellow dahlia is perfect!

I am grateful for the comment dear friend

Always a pleasure! 😘 I don't look at the entries that get posted to Gems, so I may be missing some from you.

Good photo, how's the corona pandemic in Brazil?

The situation is very complicated, as it has been or is being in many countries.
I live near São Paulo, which is the epicenter of the pandemic here in Brazil.
Closed trade, stopped industries, the situation is very difficult.
From the first day, the Governor authorized, some activities, to return gradually.
Let's wait for all this to come to an end soon

That's right, all countries effected by the corona pandemic, the situation is the same, hopefully the corona will quickly disapprar, thanks for in the information.
In indonesia it is eleven o'clock afternoon.

So colorful