Columbines on a Sunny Sunday

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to Always A Flower Sunday Edition.

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Today I'm presenting the images of the Columbines I took these images at the local park this last week, I had quite a few flower images.
This might be my favorite shot of the day, might even print one for a wall hanger.


They have several different flavors of Columbines here but the purple one here "blew my skirt up" as they say and was hands down my favorite colored one here .
Very deep and vibrant purple O.o



The light pink ones were very nice but in the full sun it was hard to do these beauties justice



Here's the red ones, also a crowd favorite. I wanted a close up of this one (well all of them really) but there orientation and placement prevented that as they frown on tromping into the beds.



Lastly I have the hot pink ones. These came out a bit better than the light pink ones. You can see the purple ones in the background.



That's all the Columbines I have for you today I hope you enjoyed the images.


Not sure what this little hot pink one is.
Anyone have an ID ?


Have a Great Week Everyone !!!!

A final image for you @dswigle since you really liked these pale poppies so much =)


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Holy wowsers! These are some fantabulous Columbine photographs you took! @chromiumone
Just now seeing your post. Hope all is going well for you!

All is well, and thanks for inquiring =)
The columbines seemed to please epically the purple ones o.o
I did another post with them as well.

The Columbines are absolutely gorgeous @chromiumone! I don't know what the little hot pink ones are but they are pretty!! 💖

Hello @deerjay and Thank You !!
I posted some more shots of them today =)
I wish the would post them flower info in the garden but instead of a description every single bed tag says Please stay out of flower beds.... =/

You're very welcome @chromiumone! I just saw your other post and may I just say they are some beautiful photos of those beautiful flowers! 😉💖

Truly gorgeous 🌸 @chromiumone!
I love columbines, your photographs are so beautiful! :-)

Thank You @shasta, very nice of you to say so. =)
Count them among my favorites also !

The pink ones that you are looking for a name look like primrose to me. I am in love with the way they die off and lose their color. Even then, Mother Nature gives her a last shot of beauty! I love her that state also.

The light-colored poppies! Divine! Honestly, Rich and elegant. Thank you so much! :))

Even in the bright sun, you can't keep a great flower like the Columbine! The purple and pinks are just stunning!! Do you have a neutral density filter? It allows you to put these on in the sun, just to give you a boost up. It makes you able to take those flower shots in the right sunshine. You will have to read up on it. I have some shots I would never have taken of flowers in the bright sunshine!

I love, love, love your post!

Thanks @dswigle I didn't remember to look those up lol and your welcome =)
I was running two filters a light UV and a Polarizer. I shoot in full sun more than a little but I prefer the softer, warmer light of sunrise/ sunset and bright foggy days. I have other toys to shade, defuse, and reflect but there comes a point your packing a ridicules' amount of gear around lol

Thats why I recommended a neutral density filter. Im all about fewer things in the bag!

Oh yeah, I used to have a several of them in the past just haven't re acquired a set yet.
I'm looking at filters for the Sigma atm and a 95mm filter is is a little.... spendy.
Used them a lot when I was running a Nikon F1, 35mm film set up, almost a must if your doing long exposure shots.

I find that most of my needs are a must. :))

I have been typing like a retarded monkey all day lol.
Then I just realized that the last update that went through turned on Microcrap's auto correct and that thing drives me crazy, so I'm only typing like your avg. monkey instead and auto correct is turning it into full on gibbering idiot =/

Yes!!!! LOL

All the flowers are beautiful but I'm totally captivated by the purple ones 💜💜💜

Thank you @dearw. The purple ones are my favorite as well !

Wow the colour in these photos is just fabulous - I just want to dive in and breath in the beauty! Oh those columbines!!! Thank you for such memorable experiences.

Well thank you @sallybeth23 !!
The Columbines seem to be a crowd pleaser =)
I wanted to take the purple one home, going to have to add Columbines to my home garden next time.

The flowers are mesmerizing. The colors are so vibrant! Loved it.

Thanks @rem-steem. Appreciate the encouragement =)
The Columbines were a big hit with the flower lovers. Going to have to image them again before too long.
Thanks again for stopping in @rem-steem.

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Thank you @bdcommunity and thanks again @rem-steem =)