Folly of the purple faery flowers

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I love these dainty and delicate little flowers, especially enveloped in the lush green miniature faery fern forest of Mum's front garden.

If you can tell me what species they are, I would be eternally grateful. 🙏🙏🙏





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That’s a very pretty purple flower. I have a plant app called Plant ID and it says it is a morning glory.

Oh @violetmed that is great to know, thank you so much and it's sounds like something mum would have planted too (today would have been her 80th birthday, but we lost her to Bowel Cancer 3 yrs ago)

So thank you once again.
Actually when I get more data allowance from Hive, I will upload the wreath made for her funeral. You will LOVE IT. It was absolutely sensational, the prettiest thing that I have ever seen and I know that mum would have been as stunned at it's beauty as much as I was.

I would love to see it! I’m so sorry about your mom’s passing! 💕

Thank you, but that's life for everyone and everything isn't it.

Unfortunately I can't find the original photo right now but I used it for my redbubble shop to go on 91 products, so here is an example.