Let's try to be a little more frank. Today I was on my way home from the office. When I glanced at the food shop on the side of the road, I was reminded of my old days because these were my past. And even if I wanted to, I would never get it back.

It's hard to say when we actually wake up because our past memories are so intertwined with everything that when they suddenly appear in front of our eyes we remember the days of the past anyway. There's one that my friends had an absolute relationship with but over time it's all gone but I still miss my friends.
This dish was very popular with us, especially my school life friends. We used to eat this dish every day after school. I was thinking of my school life friends, today they are busy with different things in different places but in such a way I have left memories that float away from time to time.
Life is really very changeable and life changes over time. But the past and the moments that are associated with life do not change. But they remain the same as before. Anyway, looking at the food today, I remember my friends from the past. I don't know if they remember me, but I remember them sometimes.