Enjoying Fresh Air and Fresh View at My Hometown

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Hi everyone, thank you for dropping by this post. It’s been a while since my last post about food, but today I’m a bit tired because of a server problem since last night, and I have to fix it all day, and now I have time to rest after all that problem solved.

Since afternoon, I don’t know what I’m going to do this night, after playing some Dota 2 game, I feel like browsing through my phone gallery, and finally, I saw a few pictures that make me a bit sad, and finally, I decided to write something about that pictures.

Since 3rd grade, I raised by my grandparents in a small village in Bengkulu City. the village name is “Bangun Jaya” it’s hard to translate it to English. Raised by a farmer is make me know how to use farming equipment and since then I how to farm a bit.

In 6th grade, My mom and dad decided to bring me back to Pekanbaru and I have to leave the village and everything I have there. I leave all my farming equipment and learn the computer until now I finished my study at computer degree at Pekanbaru.

At the end of the last month, I decided to go back to my village because I need to see my grandparents there, it’s sad that they already old enough right now, I hope I can turn back time, and hope that God will give them all the happiness and good health till the end of their day, Amen.

Since I left the village in 2005, there are so many things changed in this village. From the friend, the people, people houses, etc.

But let me show you some pictures of my village


Our village is a small one, this is the view from the center of the village which has a main road from Curup to Lebong.

On a good day, we can witness the blue sky with some white clouds above the mountains.

Our village is located at “Bukit Barisan” or “Barisan Mountains”, a mountain range on the western side of Sumatra, Indonesia, covering nearly 1,700 km (1,050 mi) from the north to the south of the island. (Wikipedia).

Because it’s located at the mountain range, the temperature is relatively low. According to weather.com, the temperature in my village is around 16-26°C.
For me, that kind of temperature is killing me because I accustomed live in a hot place like Pekanbaru.


People’s houses are mostly made using wood, and some are already old enough, you can look at the roof and the wall. The people here mostly working as a farmer, growing rice, vegetables, coffee, and other plants so it’s hard to raise their economic level. They already happy if they can eat three times a day and they can send their child to school.

Let me bring you to my grandparent’s farm


The farm is located 1 km from the house, and you can access it by walking or use your bike. Get through some people’s houses, and farm you can found a few rice fields and a coffee garden.
The rice field is almost mature, maybe it tools one or two months until the rice field can be harvested.



You can see the small hut at the center at almost every single farm field owned by different people. There are some bamboo clumps that people use to make traditional Rejang food (I will tell you later about this in the other post).


This is my grandparent’s farm field, there’s nothing much here because they were already old and can’t manage this farm like the old days. My grandpa is can’t walk after falling at home till now, and I hope he will get better soon.


Sometimes I think that I should come back and do the work for them, but it hard to leave what I already have here at Pekanbaru, it puts me in dilemma. Should I come back or stay doing what I’ve been doing all this time? I don’t know.

In this village, I can enjoy the fresh air and a fresh view, every time I’m here, it’s hard for me to leave it. But I have to do it, there are many responsibilities for me to bear. I hope I can last till I can make my parents and parents proud. Maybe someday….

Here's extra photo's



And here's my favorite


All the photo is original, except the last one


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Iya bener banget om

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makasih om

:( made me remembered everything in my past.

Hope that God will give them all the happiness and good health till the end of their day. Aamiin Ya Rabb.

Amiin ya rab, moga bisa ketemu tar ya


Indah bgt kampungnya 😍

thanks om,
kapan kapan main kesini buat refreshing

Those are some lovely pictures. It's hard to see grandparents get older bit by bit, but it's a part of life. About going back and working the fields. Do you think you can do a lot of it by your own? Or would have help to do it?

Thanks man, yeah its hard.
I dont think i could do a lot, maybe i can help from far away,

Your shots remind me about my childhood time. Such a peaceful town there 💚

its just a small village, but indeed peaceful
thanks for dropping by

My pleasure! My hometown was similar to yours in the past, however, it has been changed a lot since the industrial zone is growing here.

yeah, i hope my village growing too, but somehow a bit scared for the changes that can happen when it growing or when industrial zone growing.

Yeah, I understand. It took over decades for my town as well. Probably people there like to be in peace💚

its just a small village, but indeed peaceful
thanks for dropping by