When One Image Tells It All - Photo Curation #23

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Good evening!

Sometimes one image is powerful enough to tell a story by itself alone. Any text could only ruin it.
Do you agree?

But first, before you go check them, have you seen our contest? It is open to all creative people on Hive: https://peakd.com/photography/@photocuration/we-need-you-help-us

Now let's enjoy those visual stories shared by their authors.

Please follow the artists below if you haven't already and support their great works and efforts, thank you!

"Saudade | Les Fleurs et Les Filles Series" by @silviamaria (25% beneficiary)

Les Fleurs et Les Filles ~Silvia Maria  (15).JPG

"Photoshop Artistry" by @neilru75 (25% beneficiary)


"one image - the whole story iii", by @victorbz (25% beneficiary)


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such surprise - I just started this series about how one image may tell the whole story and be iconic without any word written and here my work already in this beautiful series thank you very much!

and my recommendation of the great photographers actively posting on Hive :

Thank you, Victor! I really hope I see more strong people here who appreciate good and pure photography and don't expect only n number of words and multiple cheap mobile seductive shots in order to support with a proper vote. ;)


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you're right, finally, we are all for the additional income here, but money is still not everything in our life.

Indeed :)))

thank you for the mention @victorbz - much much appreciation my friend!

my pleasure !

Thank you for your help with increasing our reach out to great photographers here. We will review your list carefully as we already follow most of these artists.

Also, we would love to see your entry to our contest! 📷👍😊

its always a pleasure to share and to support the real photography artists here. I sure that i have some more to add :-)
will check the contest for sure

Perfect! Looking forward for that! 👍📷😊

Thanks a lot.

my pleasure

Let me see if this works too:


Command accepted!

haha ! thank you my friend

Cheers ;)

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Very very thanks

my pleasure

Thank you! 💗

my pleasure

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you! 👍📷

Thanks for the mention again! :))))

Well deserved! We would love to see your entry to our contest! 📷😊