Star Light - Photo Curation #26

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Hey, lover of great images!

It is Sunday today with eyes tuned to search for star light and beauty!

But first, before you go check the pictures below, have you seen our contest? It is open to all creative people on Hive:

Now let's enjoy those visual stories shared by their authors.

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"BLACK POOL MILKY WAY" by @caseygrimley (25% beneficiary)

"Warm" looks magical, to answer your question. 😊📷👍


"Fine Art Printing Workflow - Part 3" by @mibreit-photo (25% beneficiary)

In our own experience, the final result when printing depends hugely on the type of photo paper used, some absorb deeper the inks and require more than 10% increase of the brightness. Your photo is amazing, it looks extraterrestrial!

"Views from Above", by @bradfordtennyson (25% beneficiary)

You have to consider yourself a lucky and happy man, being blessed to be at the perfect time at the perfect place with the proper equipment and knowledge! Thanks for sharing your pictures!


We would like to say huge thank you to our curation partner, the @TalentClub - check out their work and consider some support for them as well as they do to all of us here at this project, yourself included!

If you've liked this manually curated selection of photographs, the chance is huge you are going to also enjoy our previous issues! @PhotoCuration

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All feedback, suggestions, criticism, ideas and comments are very welcomed!


Yay! 🤗
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