Nature - Photo Curation #24

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Good evening!

Our Tuesday selection includes three beautiful photographs including details of what Nature does best, creating life!

But first, before you go check them, have you seen our contest? It is open to all creative people on Hive:

Now let's enjoy those visual stories shared by their authors.

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"My river - La Crau" by @marc-allaria (25% beneficiary)


"black and white wonders" by @digitalis (25% beneficiary)


"Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California, USA", by @g-shot (25% beneficiary)

2019_07_19-27_08-09_USACanon (72)LR-2.jpg

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Wonderful pictures!!!
Love the use of slow shutter in the first one!!!

Indeed! 👍📷
Have you checked our contest? Have a great weekend! 🍷

I think I need to check it out! ;-) have a nice weekend!!


wow these birdies and these tries! just wow found @digitalis @g-shot and nominated @photocuration

Thank you! We follow them both!

is it possible to know the next theme please or it is selecting spontaneously?

"it is selecting spontaneously" - that's the best way to put it out!

You are very welcome to suggest themes for the future selections! Also, please check out our contest, there are few days left to participate. 👍📷

there is some like to check out your contest please?

Sorry? Can't understand.


Thank you on behalf of the artists we represent! 😊📷👍

Thank you for creating the platform!

Pleasure! 😊🍷📷👍