Analogue - Photo Curation #32

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Hey, lovers of the Eight Art!

Today we are diving into the magical world of the analogue photography. This means photographs created by all other means but a digital censor. For some people, who were born in this century, especially, it is hard to imagine there is another type of photography but for people born 30 or more year ago, there was no choice and we all had to depend on chemistry to have a decent piece of our favorite Art, the Eight Art!

A sad truth with the technological progress of photography... Prior digital photography, out of 36 clicks, as those were the frames of a standard film - 34 good ones out of 36. Nowadays - out of 1000 clicks, probably again 34 are worth it. More doesn't mean better, unfortunately. Do you agree?

If you are interested, check out and subscribe to the "Analog (FILM) Photog", @hive-120035 community here on Hive.

Please follow the artists below if you haven't already and support their great works and efforts, thank you!

"Every frame a surprise" by @solymi (25% beneficiary)


"The Great Divide" by @angel35mm (25% beneficiary)


"The corner", by @victorbz (25% beneficiary)


We would like to say huge thank you to our curation partner, the @TalentClub - check out their work and consider some support for them as well as they do to all of us here at this project, yourself included!

Our avatar has been created by @soulsdetour, huge thanks!

Do you know any other Hive bloggers who post quality photographs? Please comment/tag them under this post so we review and start following them and appreciate their work!

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All feedback, suggestions, criticism, ideas and comments are very welcomed!


wow ! the real ART doesn't come easy, so Analog photography is slow, handmade, and laborious as well.
huge thank you for this wonderful post, the words you said, and the selected Analog images. Even my works are also here and I don't usually to say too kind about my works, but this work is very important for me.
congrats to @angel35mm and @solymi - my Brothers in Arms - they are very active with the everyday posts to the gallery of the community

You are very welcome, keep up the good work!
Just as an idea/suggestion perhaps it's good to increase the scope of your analog community as not all analog photographs require film. For instance, wet-plate photography, instant photos, solargraphy, perhaps there are more types of analog film-less photography. That could attract more people to your wonderful new community!

indeed, exactly what i wrote in the description to the community :
The place to show us your photographs taken on film - film 35 and 120, Large Format and Instant. Tell us the way you photographed, the process you used to develop or to print in your home darkroom. Use #filmphotography and post to this community.
Finally, there are much more ppl using the regular film instead of solargraphy, but sure I can't imagine what additional types of Analog (i do think this word is really connected to all the types) I have to add.
I was sure that this community will be a huge opposition in terms of members numbers to the Photography Lovers for example. But we are growing. Somehow I was in thoughts that many Art lovers will join just to see the content but not exactly to post. i do believe that part of members are this kind of people who just want to enjoy the real photography and possible to et some nostalgic feelings :-)

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Such an honor to be mentioned! Thanks so much!

Well deserved, keep up the great work!